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Profile: Affiliation - University of NY at Buffalo, studied: philosophy, science, etc.  Author of the book “The Mind of Mankind”,  Inventor of the submarine icebreaker concept,   writer of numerous articles: Human imagination, Cosmology, Astronomy, Gravity, Inertia and a lot more.

Interests: - The Fundamental laws of nature:  gravity, mass, inertia, astronomy, cosmology, human imagination, economics. and much more.

"THE MIND OF MANKIND" - A book by the author of these articles that will give the reader greater insight into the mysteries of the origin and nature of people and the worlds we live in! A study of how mankind's powerful creative imagination has effected the human race throughout its existence. 'Human Imagination' coupled with the ability to communicate abstract ideas with each other is responsible for the tremendous progress humans have achieved through the ages. These two powers, complementing each other, have created the "MIND" of mankind, a new higher caliber of life, that has given modern humans the abilty to take more control of their lives and to discover some of the secrets of the universe.

Einstein's General Theory of Relativity - Albert Einstein based his theory on the "Principle of Equivalence" postulate that Inertial acceleration and Gravitational acceleration are equivalent. This postulate is the foundation of the theory. Gravitational acceleration (a primary force) is just a special case of "inertial acceleration". Gravity exerts its force on the body's nucleons simultaneously causing no stress on the body,(weightlessness).Inertial acceleration is caused by a primary force (gravity, chemical reaction, etc.) acceleration being altered in some way by a secondary force (altering the primary force in some way) which causes weight.

The fourth “Law of Motion” - The discovery of the fourth “Law of Motion” can now be added to Newton's “Laws of Motion”.  Michelson & Morley's experiment could find no ether wind nor evidence of motion, acceleration or velocity relative to absolute space, no motion of any kind. Absolute Space (the ultimate frame of reference for the entire universe), it has no coordinates or direction, it has no geometry.

Book: The Mind of Mankind - Absolutely Outstanding! It came signed by author with a personal note. Great touch. The content of the book is fascinating. Really gets you thinking about our classic accepted concepts. I think someday in the future people will look back at this book and marvel at how these new ideas came about, and generated wider acceptance.

The "United States Notes" (no debt Fiat dollars). The U.S. Goverment is not obligated to redeem them BUT they are U.S. legal tender and are backed by the tremendous economic wealth and credibility of the USA. BUT PRESENTLY ARE NOT BEING PRINTED - A VERY SIMPLE FIX! JUST START PRINTING THEM AGAIN!

Universal Health Care - "The way to pay for a new Universal Health Care System is to start issuing the "United States Notes" (no debt Fiat dollars)again. Simply pay all the health care bills with this source of new money (the fiat dollars). This will not raise the Federal Debt one penny! As long as our economy and the dollar remain strong there should be no increase in inflation."

The Supernatural World of Human Imagination - Modern man's powerful imagination has allowed mankind to 'see' the world in an entirely new light. It was if a curtain had parted that allowed people to see a vast new world that they could never have comprehended before. Imagination is an innate part of human nature, it sets humans apart from all other animals of the planet.

The Changing Mass Experiment - "The Changing Mass of the Earth between Perihelion (January) and Aphelion (July). Matter always has two types of energy; Motion/energy and Mass/energy. Motion/energy is relative to other bodies whereas Mass/energy is relative to absolute space. Mass/energy has no motion relative to absolute space at all - its motion is always zero but its mass can vary. This experiment proved that this idea is correct.

Monetizing US Wealth - "The Federal Reserve System" put the US in $14 trillion dollars in debt (a total disaster) whereas the "United States notes" would create NO DEBT for the USA. Congress has the Constitutional power to create money so WHY DO WE HAVE ALL THIS UNECESSARY FEDERAL DEBT HANGING OVER OUR HEADS??? This fiat money created by Congress does not come out of thin air but is backed by the total wealth of the USA.

The Michelson-Morley Experiment is vindicated - After 125 years of confusion and rejection of the famous experiment there may be a fundamental truth to its "null" results after all. The discovery of a dimension where nothing moves relative to absolute space, a dimension where the "inertial mass" of matter is created.

THE TWO ENERGIES OF MATTER - There are two different ways of thinking about the energy of a body (matter). When we consider the kinetic energy of a body relative to other bodies we must also - always consider the inertial mass/energy of the body - the body's energy relative to absolute space. A body always has two energies - one vector and one scalar - kinetic and mass.

TIME - There Are No Perfect Clocks - This article accepts the results of the Michelson, Morley experiment. The "null" results of their experiment proves that there is no aether wind and that bodies do not move relative to absolute space itself. Absolute Space without matter or energy is a perfect vacuum. A body of matter is always completely motionless relative to absolute space.

"The Michelson-Morley Experiment" - Much of the twentieth century cosmology was based primarily on the "failure" of the Michelson/Morley experiments to discover an aether wind set up by the earth passing through the aether. In fact all of Michelson's experiments throughout his lifetime failed to discover any motion of the Earth relative to space. The results of these experiments sent the scientific world into a tizzy trying to find a logical explanation for this "failure".

"THE CAPITALISTS" - American Capitalism is a partnership between the capitalists and government working together to create wealth for the common good of all of its citizens. The government creates the opportunities and the capitalists make use of these opportunities - together they create tremendous wealth for the nation so that all of its citizens can benefit.

"How Commodore Perry's Victory in the War of 1812 changed Buffalo and America's Future" - Although historians down play the significance of the war of 1812, I feel Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's victory was the most significant action of the war. The battle took place near Sandusky and Put-in Bay, Ohio on September 10, 1813. The aftermath of the battle had far reaching effects on America's future. President Madison's War of 1812 against British arrogance brought new respect to America from nations all over the world.

Is it the "Higgs Boson" or "Space Energy Level" that creates the Mass of matter??- In a particle accelerator the relativistic mass of a proton increases as it accelerates relative to the particle accelerator. Its energy level relative to absolute space (space energy level) increases BUT the proton is not moving relative to absolute space as was proven by the Michelson-Morley experiment.

Submarine Icebreaker - This is a new concept for icebreaking in the frozen polar and other regions of the planet. A radical new type of submarine designed for icebreaking operations in the ice clogged polar regions and frozen lakes of the planet using the tremendous power of buoyancy to break the ice.

The Story of Mankind's Rise to World Dominance.- The "Transformation" of Homo sapiens into an Imaginative Species. The final evolution of the brain that slowly transformed the archaic modern humans into modern "imaginative" humans began around 80,000 years ago in South Africa. The evolution of the vital cells and connections in the brain were like the keystone that slowly opened up the wonders of the universe to the human animal.

Why stars form in Spiral Galaxies. - The outlying portions of spiral galaxies gravity is much stronger due to high rotational velocity and therefore higher energy level, relative to absolute space. This is why stars are created in these outlying regions of the rotating spiral galaxies and not in the static elliptical galaxies.

Time Dilation - The acceleration of the airplane had affected the clock's relativistic inertial mass, relative to absolute space. It wasn't "time dilation" it was just a change in the atomic clock's oscillation due the change in it relativistic inertial mass. Time doesn't change BUT the clock's time does - there are no perfect clocks.

God revealed himself to Mankind through the Holy Spirit! - The Holy Spirit is a part of the creator God (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) whose purpose with regard to mankind was to establish a special link between God and the Homo Sapiens species (modern humans) by giving them the power of a creative human imagination. This was the time of the "transformation" of mankind into an imaginative being.

The "Homo Imaginative Sapiens" species - Around 70,000 years ago a radical transformation began to take place in a little tribe of Homo Sapiens living in south Africa. Anthropologists discovered evidence of more complex tools and artifacts were being created. This little tribe had begun to leave an indelible mark on our archaeological history.

Anthropology: What happened to our earlier ancestors? - Why did all the other Hominids and archaic Homo species become extinct while we, the Homo Imaginative Sapiens survived and prospered?

Novan Research & Development Co. - A young "big idea" company offering radical new technology for sale, licensing, or partnering. The company offers new ideas and concepts with strong market potential.

God revealed himself to Mankind  by giving modern humans the "Special Gift" of Human Imagination. - Does God interact with mankind? We can believe mankind is special in the eyes of God because he gave us this powerful imagination that has enabled people to comprehend the wonders of the universe and the possibility of his existence.

A Secular God is a God without religion. - The creator of the universe. Religions are simply the product of mankind's fertile imagination. The creation of ancient myths and dogmas handed down from generation to generation and formalized into faiths, rituals and traditions. Only through faith can they be considered the word of God.

"God Created the Laws of Nature" - The "Laws of Nature" - not God - control everything in the universe. Everything that happens or exists is a consequence of these "Laws" - not of God's direct intervention. God is not a king who sits up on some faraway throne directing the actions of the universe. My concept of "God" is: an infinite power who created the "Laws of Nature" and thereby brought the universe into existence.

U.S. Treasuries: China's Dilemma - The U.S. manufactures trillions of dollar bills (IOUs) and exports them all over the world in exchange for the goods from foreign countries. The foreign countries such as China, Japan, etc. sell much more goods and services to the U.S. then they buy from us so they take the surplus dollars (IOUs) and they just pile them into their banks. What can they do with all this American debt that they own?

The Mighty American Dollar - Dollars are are simply IOUs. When the Fed prints dollars they are actually printing IOUs. That means they are pledging all American products, businesses, workers' labor, etc. for sale in exchange for the dollar IOUs. Americans stand ready to exchange their products, services, labor, food, businesses, stocks and bonds, real estate etc. in exchange for their dollar IOUs.

Isaac Newton's - Absolute Space "Isaac Newton thought that absolute space was a distinguished frame of reference that could show bodies to be truly moving or truly at rest. - He was half right, all bodies relative to absolute space are motionless (at rest).

The Metaphysical Worlds of Human Imagination "Metaphysical" means: Going beyond the physical world that we can discern with our senses, into the mysterious supernatural world where only human imagination can venture. It allows the human mind to reach beyond the physical world into the much deeper esoteric metaphysical world of the supernatural.

BUFFALO'S HISTORIC CANAL SYSTEM.     To alleviate congestion of Erie Canal, the city constructed a system of short street canals or slips, in what is now the First Ward area and the harbor, connecting the Erie Canal with Buffalo Creek (now Buffalo River) and Lake Erie.

GLOBAL WARMING: THE REAWAKENING OF GREENLAND.     Is Greenland coming out of a 400 year "Deep Freeze? Greenland has been in a "Deep Freeze" for 400 years. The Viking Norsemen had originally settled in this newly discovered land just about 200 years before the extremely cold period decended upon them.

INERTIAL MASS - THE "SPACE ENERGY LEVEL" OF MATTER.   In a cyclotron, as a proton's velocity increases it requires more and more force to maintain the same rate of acceleration. The proton is rising to a higher energy level relative to space (space energy level). This is perceived as an increase in the proton's inertial mass/energy.

DARK MATTER - WHO NEEDS IT?   - Scientists invented dark matter to account for the additional mass needed to keep the galaxies from flying apart. Rather then additional mass that cannot be seen or even shown to exist, this article advocates a stronger inertial mass that will do the job using Newton's and Einstein's mathematical relationships.

THE LAWS OF NATURE - The Laws of Nature are neither matter or energy - they are the phenomena that control the action and interaction of all matter and energy in the universe. They are universally invariant, conditions may change but the laws never vary. They created the universe (space) and determined its size. The concept of the "laws of nature" and "universal space" are the same. Where the "laws of nature" end, universal space ends.

THE CREATION OF MANKIND  -  The origin and history of Mankind from the time of its transformation, when it received its powerful imagination around fifty thousand years ago. This is the time when Mankind was created. His body had evolved through the geological ages but this is when the Homo Sapiens were transformed into the "Homo Imaginative Sapiens"."

RELIGIOUS MYTHS & PHILOSOPHIES  -  Religions are great teaching and moral guiding institutions but they are created by men, the storytellers, and should be accepted as such. They are a form of "mind control" - it is up to the teachers to make sure their particular religious philosophy accentuates positive values so that their followers are not led down an evil path.

GLOBAL WARMING: A NATURAL CYCLE. - The global warming we are now experiencing is part of a major natural cycle of total the solar energy striking the planet. A natural phase of the sun's cycle of expansion and contractions. These periodical expansions and contractions of the sun are the cause of the major glacial and interglacial periods that geologists have determined, happened with remarkable "reoccuring regularity" over the past million years.

INERTIA - A PRIMARY LAW OF NATURE - One of the most fundamental laws of nature is the "Inertia" phenomenon. Galileo experimented with it and Newton partially explained it with his famous mathematical equation (F=MA).

HOW HUMAN IMAGINATION EFFECTS "FREE WILL" - "Free Will" is our basic human right to make a decision one way or the other BUT the animal (genetic & hormones) and human influences (cultural, religious, political, etc) that are ingrained in our psyche pretty much decide the way we will think and act."

EVOLUTION BY DESIGN: Predetermined Randomness - Evolution may be a series of random mutations but the results end up just the way the 'Laws of Nature' intended.

THE DEBATE BETWEEN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND GALILEO CONTINUES - It all began back in the 17th century when Galileo began offering observations that supported Copernicus’s theory that the planet Earth was revolving around the sun rather then the sun revolving around a stationary Earth."

THE PERSONALITY OF THE UNIVERSE - "The Universe exists because of the Laws of Nature, the laws of physics, chemistry & biology. (inertia, gravity, quantum mechanics, etc. They give the universe its personality. "

HOW GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE - "God is not a king who sits up on some faraway throne directing the actions of the universe. "God" is an Infinite Creative Power who created the “Laws of Nature” and thereby brought the universe into existence."

DEVELOP A POWERFUL IMAGINATION -"It is your ultimate power and can be the key to your success. Being human - we all have been given the potential to develop a powerful 'creative imagination' to use for our benefit and possibly the benefit of all mankind. Be careful how you use it!"

THE DILEMMA OF THE MICHELSON-MORLEY EXPERIMENT - Michelson and Morley had discovered an ultimate concept of cosmology but had rejected the results as improbable. It didn't make sense. Scientists just couldn't grasp the ultimate reality of how the cosmos really works.

MANKIND'S TWO IMAGINATIONS - The Learning Imagination and the Creative Imagination - they changed the Homo Sapien species (modern humans) from being merely intelligent beings, such as the Neanderthals, into a super species whose powerful imagination has catapluted it to unbelieveable achievements.

"THE BLACK HOLE MYTH" - The existence of Black Holes is based on the the idea that gravity can exert its force on light rays in some manner. It is a simple premise - can a strong source of gravity bend light rays as they pass by?? This has been a favorite enigma of comologists and other scientists for many years.

"HUMAN IMAGINATION CREATED THE 'MIND' OF MANKIND" - The MIND of mankind is a powerful world wide mental web that links people across time and around the world. It is responsible for the tremendous progress Mankind has acheived.

"DARK ENERGY" OR "THE FIFTH FORCE" ?? - Astronomers have recently discovered that far out in the universe - galaxies are actually accelerating rather then coasting or slowing down. I feel there is a mysterious 5th force causing the galaxies to accelerate toward the boundary of a finite universe rather then the universe is expanding faster and faster.

"ABSOLUTE SPACE - RELATIVE MOTION" - Absolute space is a single indivisible entity - a body cannot move relative to absolute space - it is all one. Absolute Space alone - when matter and energy are not considered - is far from empty. It contains all the natural phenomena (physical laws) that govern the actions of matter and energy. It gives the universe its personality.

THE MANY MOTIONS OF PLANET "EARTH" - We live on a tiny planet, that has many motions in the vast cosmos. It is part of a star system that revolves around a spiral galaxy. The following is a list of the many motions of planet Earth.

"THE CREATION OF EVOLUTION" - Evolution is part of the biology laws of nature that are responsible for the existense of life in the universe. The laws of physics and chemistry are the other fundamental categories of Nature's laws that give our universe its familar characteristics.

HUMAN IMAGINATION - MANKIND'S LINK TO GOD & NATURE - "Human Imagination - the power to mentally visualize abstract ideas and concepts and to associate these mental manifestations with vocal sounds and writings. Human Imagination is mankind’s link with its Creator and his works."

TWENTIETH CENTURY AGGRESSORS - They pillaged and destroyed their victims homes, raped, murdered and enslaved the conquered people but in the end they got what they deserved.

THE EARTH'S MOTION RELATIVE TO THE SUN'S GALACTIC MOTION - The bodies of our Solar System do not really revolve around the Sun!! The apparent motions and actual motions of the solar bodies are very different when the galactic motion of the solar system is taken into account.

"THE HUMAN SYSTEM" - Man and woman stand equal beside each other, each complementing the other's strengths. One without the other is incomplete and cannot exist. Together with their offspring they are a complete viable system - the "Human System".

"THE EFFECT OF AMERICA'S CHRONIC TRADE DEFICIT" - The fastest growing percentage of our trade deficit with Japan is the interest we are paying to them as owners of US treasury bonds. Due to this chronic foreign trade deficit imbalance - every year more then one hundred billion dollars of our nation's wealth is transferred to foreign countries

"THE ACCELERATING (FALLING) GALAXIES" - " Astronomers have recently discovered, that billions of light years out in the universe - galaxies are actually accelerating. This was completely unexpected since they thought they would find them coasting or slowing slightly. This confirmed the ideas in my book, "The Mind of Mankind", that the galaxies are actually falling toward the outer boundary of the Universe powered by a Super Attractive Force located at the boundary."

"HUMAN IMAGINATION" - is the ability of humans to visualize in their mind. To be creative! The power to become aware of the wonders of nature. It is mankind's special sense. It is exclusively human, vital for carrying on human activity. Without this special sense all human progress would cease.

"HOW GOD REVEALED HIMSELF TO MANKIND" - The Supreme Creator of the Universe, whom we call God or Allah, etc. has revealed the possibility of his existence and his nature to Mankind by giving humans a powerful creative (human) imagination!

"THE SUPER MINDS OF MANKIND." - "Among our species harbors a small percentage of imaginative super minds, (creative geniuses) that makes possible the tremendous continuous progression mankind has experienced. (Galileo, Newton, Bacon, Plato, Faraday, Moses, Archimedes, Jefferson, Franklin, Micheal Angelo, Wright bothers, Edison,- just to name a random few.) We all benefit from their works".

"SEPARATING GOD FROM RELIGION" - "Religions are simply the outgrowth of ancient myths and dogmas handed down from generation to generation and formalized into faiths, rituals and traditions. They are tremendously powerful influences that control and guide the lives of billions of people in the world today. "

"FOUR CRUCIAL DATES THAT CHANGED THE COURSE OF AMERICAN HISTORY!" - " The following four dates, I feel, were the most crucial dates since the Civil War began. The actions that took place on these pivotal dates caused major changes in the history of America."

"THE EFFECTS OF THE EARTH'S SLOWING ROTATION" - As the Earth loses its kinetic energy due to all forms of friction acting on it (tides, galactic space dust, etc.) like any other flywheel, it will slow down. From time to time our timekeepers must adjust their super accurate atomic clocks to synchronize them with the Earth's slowing rotation whose day/night cycles we base our lives on."

"OLBER'S PARADOX" - "Olbers thought that if the universe was infinitely large and infinitely old no matter what direction we looked we would see a star and therefore the night should not be dark. But it is - and that is the paradox. Apparently this is not so because the night SEEMS to be dark."

"THE POWER STRUCTURE OF AMERICA" - Dominating or being dominated determines how we live our lives. The following text describes the various groups of people, both living and deceased that exert their influence on contemporary life in America. This is the Power Structure of America, as I see it.

"THE HISTORY OF STORYTELLING" - The storytellers soon realized that they could influence the other people to do their bidding, either good or bad. They could dominate other people. They could make them; happy, angry or sad with their stories. These people have evolved into our storytellers, mankind's most influential and powerful people! They created the religious myths that eventually evolved into all of the world's religions"

"EDWARD FREEMAN, 'PADDLER'." - This is a story of my great grandfather, Edward Freeman who was born in Vermont back in 1802. He helped dig the Erie Canal and was a captain of a sidewheeler paddle ship that sailed on the Great Lakes in the mid 19th Century. His ancestors had immigrated to Boston from England in 1635 on the 'Abigail' sailing ship just 14 years after the Pilgrams landed.

"THE BIRTH OF THE EARTH" - The explosion sent its matter hurtling at great speed outward in every direction in all sizes and speeds, both gases and molten solids, from the size of small particles to the size of the giant planets. Some of it was hurled out at such a great velocity that it was lost forever to other regions of the galaxy.

"COSMOLOGY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY" - Twentieth century cosmology is based primarily on the Michelson/Morley experiments, the discovery of the doppler red shift of the galaxies, the Fitzgerald-Lorentz contractions and Einstein’s Special and General Relativity theories. I think it is time to move on to fresh ideas for the 21st Century!

"PEOPLE OF GOODWILL" - Enclosed are a list of tenets to help guide you to a better life in your relationships with your family, friends and other people. 'People of Goodwill' are dedicated to promoting and spreading these ideas to anyone who will listen so that our society may continue to be a safe, beautiful, happy place to live and raise our children.

"THE NATURE OF UNIVERSAL SPACE" - The Laws of Universal Space are the supreme unifying and governing determinants of the Universe. It was the creation of these laws of nature that brought our Universe into existence. Every cubic centimeter of space from one end of the Universe to the other is filled with every law of physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, etc. that it takes to make the Universe and everything in it work.

"WEIGHT, INERTIA AND GRAVITY" - A 'Secondary Force' creates the unique effect of weight by exerting its force, by direct contact, in succession on a body. Gravity, a 'Primary Force', exerts its energy on all the atoms of a body simultaneously, not in succession. That is the big difference! A body under Gravity's influence alone is weightless. Only when a Secondary Force alters the body's acceleration, in some manner, is the effect of weight created.

BUFFALO, NY - "Gateway to Canada." An historic city situated in beautiful western New York State at the junction of Lake Erie and the head of the mighty Niagara river - one of the most scenic and sometimes wildest rivers in the world. The area's tremendous location on the shores of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, and the mighty Niagara River, its constantly changing seasons, its pleasant high quality of living - is unsurpassed anywhere in the country.

"THE MIND OF MANKIND" - A book by the author of these articles that will give the reader greater insight into the mysteries of the origin and nature of people and the worlds we live in! A study of how mankind's powerful creative imagination has effected the human race throughout its existence. 'Human Imagination' coupled with the ability to communicate abstract ideas with each other is responsible for the tremendous progress humans have achieved through the ages. These two powers, complementing each other, have created the "MIND" of mankind, a new higher caliber of life, that has given modern humans the abilty to take more control of their lives and to discover some of the secrets of the universe.



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Imagination - The Power that makes us Human!
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