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The Holy Spirit Transformed Mankind into an Imaginative Being.

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What is the Holy Spirit?

I think of God as a single entity such as a country which is a single entity made up of many specialized entities each having their own function but still only one single country. The Trinity of God is made up of three powers that have their own specialized functions but is still a monotheistic God.

This article is written from a Christian monothesistic perspective. God is made up of three equal parts: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit's purpose with regard to mankind was to establish a special link between God and the Homo Sapiens species by giving them the power of a creative human imagination. This was the time of the "transformation" of mankind into an imaginative being.

It happened around 100 thousand years ago but for a 100 thousand years before this time the Homo Sapiens had shared the planet with the Neanderthals and were on about the same mental level but not as physically strong as the Neanderthals. Their crude tools were the same as the Neanderthals. This put them at a disadvantage during the time of their pre-imaginative existence. This all changed when the Homo Sapiens received their special gift of Human Imagination.

The special link gave modern humans a creative "Human Imagination" - the tremendous power to imagine ideas within our mind that may not have existed in reality such as; the supernatural dimension of life. They now had the power to began to discover the wonders of nature. This happened slowly over a long period of time. The power of human imagination forever separated mankind from all the other animals on Earth and has allowed mankind to progress through the ages to unbelieveable heights.

Human Imagination

The special gifts of Human Imagination given to mankind by the Holy Spirit at the time of the transformation were:

1. Creative Imagination - The ability to create new tools, art, words, languages, philosophy, technology, etc..

2. Learning Imagination - A greatly expanded ability to learn from experiences and from others, to understand.

3. Wisdom - Through the invention of words and language mankind was able to spread its knowledge to others. The interchange of ideas among people created the "Mind of Mankind". The Mind of Mankind made the creation of human cultures, with all its ramifications - good and bad - possible.

4. Mental Strength - Through the use of this new mental strength mankind was able progress rapidly through the ages.

The special gifts of "Human Imagination" from the Holy Spirit created the power of Human Imagination in the mind ofmankind - a power that separated mankind from all other animals on Earth. They transformed mankind into an imaginative being, it gave them the power of Human Imagination. It established a special link between God and modern humans. This power forever changed the nature of mankind - it revealed God's power to modern humans.

It changed modern humans from that of a insignificant animal running around the African wilderness only able to provide the bare essentials for his family into a super being whose technology and philosophy would eventually change the world to what we see today. It gave mankind the power to communicate to God almighty (pray) and to meet the challenges they faced throughout the ages.

People were now able to invent words that represented ideas they could communicate with other people. This ability to communicate ideas across time and space among other people created the "Mind of Mankind". The new power to communicate sophisticated ideas to other people made possible mankind's ability to invent new languages, technology, philosophy, etc.. It gave mankind the ability form cultures, to progress through the ages. Since the Neanderthals did not receive the special gifts, they remained on the same mental level and did not progress.

Mankind became the "Homo Imaginative Sapiens" species. Mankind had been given the gift of a powerful creative (human) imagination. This "special gift" gives people the mental power to "see" with their mind, to create new technology, ideas, philosophy, etc., to be curious about the wonders of nature that surrounds them and to begin to take control of their own destiny. Other Homo species such as the Neanderthals, etc. never received this power (creative imagination) from the Holy Spirit and eventually became extinct as a species. The modern humans survived and thrived, there are now over 6 billion living on the planet at the present time.

By allowing this powerful human imagination to evolve in the Homo Sapiens species, the Holy Spirit has made it possible for people began to wonder how they came to be, who or what created them and all this magnificent beauty that surrounded them.

Life on Earth had been slowly evolving for over 3 billion years - it is only around 100 thousand years ago that the Homo Sapiens finally evolved a brain capable of handling the tremendous mental challenges human imagination would put on people. This was the time that the Holy Spirit transformed mankind into an imaginative super animal. Some early evidence of Mankind's new imaginative power is found in south Africa. Trinkets and tools have been found that can be dated to around that time. Later paintings on the walls of caves in Europe and beautiful tools and artifacts can be dated to around 40 thousand years ago. Human Imagination has revealed some of his wonders of nature, to modern humans.

This new power has allowed humanity to begin to comprehend the world around them. Human imagination coupled with an insatiable curiosity, has given people the power to begin to understand the true nature of the Universe we live in. It has given mankind the power to have greater control over its own destiny. Who knows how far this control can go in the future.

Ever since the onset of Human Imagination, when humans became creative - throughout its history - people have used their imaginative power to explain all the mysterious phenomena that they continually encountered and thoroughly puzzled them. From the time of Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Jews, Aztecs, etc. down through history, these civilizations have continually used the creative imagination of their "superminds" (storytellers with superior creative imaginations), to make up stories and myths, create Gods, etc. to explain the mysteries they encountered. These stories and myths may have little or no physical basis but were the important building blocks that constantly inspired people to continue their search for the truth. Some of these stories and myths have evolved into the great religions of today.

It is only in the recent past, relatively speaking, that the imaginative superminds have begun basing their stories (theories based on experiment) on physical evidence (the scientific method) that they have gathered. This has given humans the insight to began to understand the true nature of the mysterious phenomena that governs the universe. Mankind has begun to come up with better explanations for the mysterious phenomena that they continually encounter in their lives. They no longer depend on gods and myths to explain this phenomena.

The new scientific theories have enabled humans to begin to understand the phenomena and create mathematical relationships and laws that guides matter, energy and life within the universe. They now have many theories to guide them in their quest for the truth. They are slowly discovering the "true" physical laws of nature (gravity, inertia, chemistry, biology, etc.).

Some of us now realize the way the "Creator" works is by creating the physical laws of nature. Creating these intricate complex physical laws brought the universe into being and gave it its personality. Without these laws (inertia, gravity, matter, energy, etc.) - the universe would not exist. Before the “Big Bang” could happen, (if there was such an event) all the laws had to be in place. The "laws of nature" are the true word of the God. Archimedes, Galileo, Newton, etc. were the early discoverers of the profound mathematical relationships of these laws that eventually allowed mankind to invent and develop new technology based on these scientific discoveries.

Mankind in Partnership with Nature.

We were created by nature and slowly evolved through the ages to the point our brains had the capability of handling the complex ideas that would be required of them. This is the time when the Holy Spirit transformed mankind into an imaginative super being. With this powerful creative and learning imagination it became possible for mankind to become an extention of Nature’s creativity - Mankind creates things that Nature by itself cannot.

We do know God loves beautiful things because everything he creates is beautiful in its own way. It is through Nature that God creates this beauty. Everywhere we look there are beautiful creations of Nature. From the primitive tools and beautiful paintings at the beginning of its existence to the complex intricate technology of the present - Mankind by using his powerful Human Imagination and the Laws of Nature has created things that Nature by itself - could not.

Civilization itself - with all its laws and moral codes is a creation of mankind - not of nature. Many of the laws and moral codes of civilizations do not follow the laws of nature at all but are necessary deviations for the good of mankind - although some are not.

Moses’s commandments are the laws of man - not God’s - they are there to help guide Mankind in a civilized manner. We realize Mankind holds a special place God’s creativity, since he has chosen to give this us this special power. There may be billions of other planets in the universe with “imaginative minds” beings to whom he has also revealed his existence. This is beyond the realm of science but not beyond the realm Human Imagination. Our Human imagination can take us anywhere we can imagine.

“Biological Life” is just one of the phenomena of nature that pervades the universe. Although God has chosen to reveal some of his works to Mankind via the Holy Spirit much of his infinitely vast nature may forever remain mysterious to mankind. We should consider ourselves very fortunate to have the cognitive power to comprehend the portion of the powers he has chosen to reveal through the Holy Spirit.


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