"The Earth's Changing Mass Experiment"

"The experiment compares the changing mass of the earth between Perihelion (January) and Aphelion (July). "

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Update: July 3, 2017 to January 4, 2018 experiment readings - I have been conducting this ongoing experiment since 2014 - measuring the weight of a 10# weight at Perihelion and Aphelion. So far every year the weight always weighs less at Perihelion then at Aphelion by between 2 to 4 grams. Yesterday (perihelion January 3, 2018) the scale hit a low reading of 4646 grams while it read 4649 grams last July 3, 2017 (Aphelion). My theory this is due to the slight eccentricity of the earth's galactic speed as it orbits the sun.

This is the 2nd year (July 2016) of a 2 year experiment I did to compare the mass of the earth at perihelion (earth nearest the sun) and aphelion (earth furthest from the sun). The results of the 2nd year experiment has confirmed my theory that the earth is slightly more massive around aphelion than at perihelion. I now have confidence that I can predict when the mass of the earth is greater or lessor. The results of both of these experiments (2015 & 2016) indicated that the earth is slightly more massive at aphelion ("test weight" 4511 grams than at perihelion ("test weight" 4505 grams) when considering the galactic motion of the sun. At aphelion the earth (fastest) is passing the sun in the sun's galactic orbit and at perihelion (early January) the sun is passing the earth (slowest). (July 3, 2016 is Aphelion) - Don Hamilton, July 7, 2016

I completed the first experiment that I've been working on (July 2015) at Aphelion when the earth was furthest from the sun. Taking into account the galactic motion of the sun my experiment indicates that the earth is the most massive (relative to abolute space) at this time. This variation of mass is due to the eccentricity of the earth's orbit around the sun.

The first experiment around Perihelion (early January 2015) the weight was 4504 grams and at Aphhelion (6 month later the weight was 4510 grams. the test weight had gained about 6 grams in the 6 month period compared to what it weighed at Perihelion in early Jan 2015 - 4504 grams.

According to my "Two Energy Theory" (matter always has two energies: Mass/energy - relative to absolute space and Motion/energy - relative to another body) it is therefore now traveling the fastest (passing the sun in its galactic orbit). My test weight gained about 6 grams (about the weight of two pennies) during this time. (January 3, 2015 to July 6, 2015).

* Note: In the January to July 2017 experiment using a new weight and scale the new weight only gained about 1 gram so the experiment will continue until we get a constant weight gain that we can depend on.

According to Kepler the earth is traveling fastest in early January relative to the stationary sun. But when taking the galactic motion of the sun into account it is slowest in January and fastest in July. Both are correct in their own perspective. Kepler didn't know anything about the galactic motion of the sun.

This experiment is based on a paper I published in 2013 stating that matter always has two types of energy; Motion/energy and Mass/energy. Motion/energy is relative to othe bodies whereas Mass/energy is relative to absolute space. The Two Energies of Matter Mass/energy has no motion relative to absolute space at all - its motion is always zero but its mass (space energy level) can vary. This experiment indicated that this idea is correct.

The experiment consisted of weighing a "10 lb. weight" nearly every day for the 6 month period on a very sensitive scale (not a balance scale). The scale I used is a "SharperImage" digital food scale with a maximum load capacity of 5-kg (5000 grams).

By measuring the change in weight of the "test weight" from January throughout the period the experiment showed that between early January (perihelion) to July 6, (aphelion) the "test weight" gained about 6 grams. From 4504 grams in January to 4510 grams in July. Since the earth's orbital eccentricity is very small .017 the difference in its weight gain was very small. The test weight gained 6 grams during this time (.1333%). This was due to the eccentricity of the earth's orbit around the sun.

My "Two Energy Theory" indicates the Michleson/Morley experiment that matter has no motion when considering the mass/energy of an object relative to absolute space. The M/M experiment was a tremendous success but they didn't realize it. Their experiment proved that there is no ether wind but did not prove there is no ether. Matter simply does not move relative to absolute space (universal space).

When you take into account the sun's galactic motion as it travels with the Milky Way, the earth (and the other planets, comets, etc.) are always falling toward sun but since the sun is always moving in its galactic orbit the earth never strikes the sun. The earth's motion/energy is accelerating between perihelion and aphelion (January and July). Between perihelion and aphelion the earth is behind the sun's galactic path and gaining speed as it is attracted by the sun's gravity toward the sun. As it accelerates (its motion/energy increases)it is therefore gaining mass (mass/energy)but its mass remains at zero velocity relative to absolute space.

This indicates that the earth is slightly more massive in July (relative to absolute space) causing the "test weight" to become slightly heavier in July then it is in January . The experiment showed the "4504 gram test weight" was becoming heavier as the earth accelerated toward sun in its galactic travel because the earth was becoming more massive and its gravity slightly stronger causing the test weight to gain weight. At Aphelion the earth's path has caught up to the sun and now appears to be passing sun in its galactic path.

This is similar to when one car (A.) catches up to and passes car (B.) that is driving down the road. It appears that car (A.) is slowly passing car (B.) but both cars are actually speeding very fast with car (A.) going even faster and passing car (B.)

Once the earth has passed the sun at Aphelion the sun's gravity will began restraining the earth's speed because the earth is in front of the sun. The earth will began to lose its motion/energy as it's speed relative to the sun slows and its mass/energy is reduced. By next January its weight should be 4.504 again (we will see.) I don't think that Kepler knew anything about galactic orbital motion so he only considered the sun as stationary.

The experiment proves that when the earth is traveling faster relative to the sun and therefore is slightly more massive in July relative to absoute space. (Mass/Energy is always relative to absolute space and always has zero motion.)

The Michelson/Morley experiment discovered this relationship: "There is no ether wind because matter does not move relative to absolute space BUT they did not prove there is no ether.

The results of the two experiments indicated that planet earth is slightly more massive (relative to absolute space-its space energy level) at aphelion and therefore its gravitation is stronger and a body will weigh more at that time than the body weighs at perihelion in January. The results of the two experiments confirmed my hypothesis that matter always has two energies - motion/energy (relative to other bodies) and mass/energy relative to absolute space. I published this theory in 2013 entitled "The Two Energies of Matter".

It can be seen at: The Two Energies of Matter


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