Fresco by Giuseppe Bertini depicting Galileo showing
the Doge of Venice how to use his telescope

"A Secular God", Separating God from Religion.

by Donald L. Hamilton

    The secular God (the creator of the universe) is God without religious myths. Religions are simply the product of mankind's fertile imagination. The creation of ancient myths and dogmas handed down from generation to generation and formalized into faiths, rituals and traditions. Only through faith can they be considered the word of God. The real "WORD OF GOD" are the "Laws of Nature" which can be mathematically proven and predict future events! The "Laws of Nature" brought the universe into existence.

    Where did we come from? Who created us? Ever since the dawn of mankind, when modern humans evolved their powerful imagination, people have wondered about their origins. Over the centuries, to answer these very basic questions, our storytellers have invented many myths, stories and dogmas. Religions are simply the outgrowth of these ancient myths and dogmas handed down from generation to generation and formalized into faiths, rituals and traditions.

    Human Imagination, mankind's special gift, is the power that separates mankind from all the other animals on Earth - it is the capability of visualizing the wonders of nature and the world we live in within our brain. Mankind now had imaginative power begin to wonder who created him. How did we get here? Who or what created all this magnificient beauty. I can "see" for myself, through my imagination, the beauty of its creations - it is everywhere I look.

    In order to understand the true nature of the creator God we must separate the myths of mankind from the physical evidence of the secular God's creations. God, as we call this infinitely wise creative power, knows no bounds and exists everywhere, nothing is impossible for this creative power, its power may even extend beyond the universe.

    The primary evidence of a secular God's existence is the beauty of its creations that we can see and experience. The beauty and splendor of nature lies before us to behold and comprehend. Mankind's technological achievements such as the invention of the telescope and microscope - has allowed mankind to peer into exotic secret worlds of nature that we never even knew existed before.

    Galileo was totally amazed when he aimed his telescope toward the heavens and saw moons revolving around Jupiter. Astronomers didn't even know galaxies existed until around the middle of the last century, before that they were just a mysterious fuzzy nebula. The heavens had opened up revealing their secrets worlds for mankind. Something had created all these natural wonders that we are constantly discovering. It was the creation of the "laws of nature" that brought the universe into existence.

    A universal power, a secular God, created the physical laws of nature (physics, chemistry and biology) that guide everything within the universe, including mankind! Our lives are completely dominated by the laws of inertia and gravity (and all the other laws of nature). These laws are neither matter or energy, they are the power that guide these basic ingredients of the universe and give it its personality. We cannot see the laws but we certainly know they exist by the effects they produce. They are the power that makes the universe possible.

    The secular God created the universe by creating the laws of nature - where these laws end the universe ends. The laws exist everywhere within the universe and are completely invariant, we have the power to use them to our advantage - but we cannot break any law of nature. By understanding the laws of nature we are beginning to learn the true nature of our secular God.

    God governs through his physical laws - his laws are perfect and invariant - they are unbreakable. All energy and matter within the universe are governed by these laws. The unique character and nature (personality) of the universe is created by the laws of nature. What would our universe be without the laws of inertia or gravity or for that matter - biology? No stars or life (as we know it) could exist without these fundamental laws of nature.

    Religions are mankind's guidance for living our lives morally. Rules made so that we are able to get along with each other under the threat of either; eternal damnation or eternal life in paradise. Mankind creates political and religious rules. The secular God creates the physical laws of nature. We can choose, whether or not, we wish to obey mankind's rules - but we must obey God's laws (nature's laws) - we have no choice in that area.

    Religions are simply a guidance created by mankind for people with the threat of damnation if their philosophies are not followed. They are tremendously powerful man made dogma that control and guide the lives of billions of people in the world today. Much religious evil, done in the name of God, has resulted in tremendous harm over the ages, (wars, inquisitions, murder, torture, human sacrifice, etc.) and some have done tremendous good by creating beautiful religious traditions and civilized moral codes to guide their followers.

    Just be careful which myths and dogmas you follow. You can either choose to believe these stories or not. Just remember they are all put forth by human storytellers. Religions do have a definite place in our society for moral guidance, marriage rituals and burial services, etc. - but never take religion too literally - there is no proof of physical evidence that any of these myths are true. All religions are based on faith alone.

    Throughout the ages of mankind there have always been storytellers (prophets) who have created myths and magical fantasies in trying to explain the mysteries that surrounded them. Basically mankind is a storytelling animal. People have created stories to answer every possible question that has ever occurred to mankind whether there is or is not any evidence to back it up.

    The prophets and storytellers, since ancient times, have always tried to explain the mysteries that they encountered in life - by creating religous Gods. The God of lightning, the God of thunder, etc. etc.. To get peoples attention and make their stories much more powerful these storytellers claim to have a direct link with God or their Gods. Remember - God talks to no one - anyone who says God talked to him or her - is either mentally disturbed or telling stories. Mankind is full of these storytellers!

    The storytellers created powerful myths and dogmas to guide people in a moral and civilized manner or just to control people to do their bidding, by saying their stories were the 'Word of God' or this is the Will of God or you will go to Hell if you donít follow these teachings. (These are all extremely powerful concepts that have kept people in line throughout the ages.)

    As for "knowing" if a true supreme infinitely intelligent all powerful creative power really exists, there is plenty of physical evidence all over the place that there is, just open your eyes and look around. If we are similar to Godís image and likeness in any way, it is only through our powerful imagination and nothing else. Our imagination gives us the power; to wonder, to be curious, to create, to comprehend abstract ideas. Mankind is an extension of nature's incredible power to create - human imagination enables us to create things that nature, by itself cannot.

    You can either chose to believe in a creative power or ignore its existence, it is purely a personal choice. I prefer to believe that a creator "God" not only exists but has purposely revealed it's wonders to mankind by giving humans a powerful imagination (and an insatiable curiosity) that enabled mankind to discover some of nature's magnificent wonders. Physical evidence indicates that this "transformation" of mankind - into an imaginative species - began around 70 to 80,000 years ago. Evidence of symbolic artifacts dated to be around 70,000 years old was recently discovered in South African caves.

    The evolution of the brain that slowly transformed the archaic modern humans into modern "imaginative" humans began in South Africa. These vital cells and connections in the cerebral cortex of the brain were like the keystone that slowly opened up the wonders of the universe to the human animal. Over time billions of potential new pathways were created in the brain of the Homo sapiens. The physical body of a modern human is that of a rather ordinary animal, it is our brain that separates human beings from the rest of the animal world.

    By allowing this special gift, human imagination, to evolve within humans - our secular Creator has made people very special in the order of things. Imaginative human beings, for better or worse are the culmination of three and a half billion years of evolution of life on Earth. Was evolution a series of accidental events or was it planned by the laws of nature.

    When we evolved into imaginative Homo sapiens we also evolved our "human nature". Our human nature depends upon our hormonal nature plus all our storytellers that greatly influenced us from the time we are born until the time we die, to contend with. It is a constant battle to steer mankind into a peaceful existence with each other so that we can reap the positive benefits of our powerful imagination far into the future.

    Remember the laws of nature are invariant. Evolution does not necessarily progress in a straight even line - there are many dead ends, mistakes and reversals - but in the end - evlolution and biology are governed by the laws of nature and will progress accordingly.

    A secular God is not concerned with the sin's of mankind only we humans should be concerned. They do not effect God one way or the other. It is only for our own good that we should try to get along with each other. If we fail here on Earth (our little speck of space dust) and life is wiped out - God has trillions of other planets to watch over. Even though this may be true - I believe, if we ask for his blessings and guidance he will give it. After all - we are very special in his eyes since he revealed his wonders only to mankind - here on Earth. Our secular (creator) God has given mankind the power to be the master of its own destiny - within limits.

    Donald L. Hamilton, author of "THE MIND OF MANKIND - Human Imagination, the source of Mankind's tremendous power!" (

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  • Ted Holmes, author, says, "I just want to pass along my compliments on the depth of thought you have put into your work. I especially enjoyed the portion illustrating how a body does not move except in relation to other bodies, not in relation to space. Its the first time I have heard about this concept."

  • From a satisfied reader -" Hello Mr Hamilton, Just finished your book ... great job! Do you have any other similar books available?? I was looking for information on creation/evolution when I came across your book. This book should †be included in the educational systems of the world ... all ethnic groups could benefit greatly from this writing." - Matt

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