"The Falling Galaxies"

What is the mysterious "Dark Energy" causing the galaxies to accelerate.

  • Back in the Feb. 27, 98 issue of the journal of ‘SCIENCE’ reported, a team of astronomers were suprised to discover that the galaxies are actually accelerating. This was completely unexpected since they thought they would find them coasting or slowing. Dr. Riess of Berkeley said to the effect, there is nothing to account for this acceleration except possibly, Einstein’s "cosmological constant" (which Einstein himself, ultimately rejected). The cosmologists came up with a mysterious replusive force they named "dark energy" that is pushing the galaxies outward away from each other.

    Dr Riess was not quite correct in his conclusion. There is another way to account for the apparent acceleration of the galaxies. It confirmed my ideas that the galaxies are falling toward the border of the universe powered by a ‘Super Attractive Force’ located there. Chapter 17 entitled, “The Falling Galaxies Theory”, in the “The Mind of Mankind”, published in 1996, explains just why the galaxies are falling (accelerating) toward the boundary of a finite non-expanding universe.

    There must be some sort of force causing this acceleration!  My theory is based on the idea that the galaxies are accelerating (falling) toward the border caused by a Super Attractive Force (similar to, but not gravity.) In this theory there is no need for a Big Bang to start the Universe. This Super Attractive Force is the force that powers the universe and working with inertia creates the mass/energy/gravity of matter as the galaxies slowly accelerate toward the border and away from each other, in space.

  • The creation of the physical laws of nature (inertia, gravity, etc.) created the universe and determined the extent of the universe. Neither matter or energy can exist beyond these laws - nothing can exist without the Laws of Nature. Stars could not form nor radiate their tremendous power without these laws. Either the laws go on forever or at some distance they cease to exist, (the universe is either infinite or finite). I say the universe is finite, at some distance the laws cease to exist. This is where the universe ends - the boundary of the universe.

  • The universe is shaped like a hollow sphere with all its physical laws, matter and energy contained within the sphere. Beyond the border of the sphere (the outer circumference of the sphere) the laws of the universe (inertia, gravity, etc.) no longer exert their influence to guide and govern, matter and energy. Beyond this border, the laws of the universe (nature) do not exist, therefore no matter or energy can exist, there is no gravity or inertia. Space itself does not exist.

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