"How God Created the Universe"

by Donald L. Hamilton

The “Laws of Nature” - not God - control everything in the universe. Everything that happens or exists is a consequence of these "Laws" - not of God's direct intervention. God is not a king who sits up on some faraway throne directing the actions of the universe. "God" is an Infinite Creative Power who created the “Laws of Nature” and thereby brought the universe into existence.

Although the Laws of Nature control everything in the universe it is God who has complete domain over the "Laws". They are the arms that carry out God's wishes although no one knows what God's wishes exactly are - we can only guess.

The secular concept of God, the “Creator of everything" is not based on ancient myths and stories. While the religious God is based on ancient myths and faith, the secular God - the “Creator” of the universe is based more on reason. For example: The secular God created the laws of inertia, gravity, energy, mass, etc. NOT the stories or comandments of religions, which are based only on religious faith.

How did the “Laws of Nature” come into existence? Did the "Laws" always exist or did they just come into existence spontaneously?? Or is there an intelligent creative power behind the existence of the “Laws”? These questions are beyond the scope of science and can only be discussed in the realm of philosophy and metaphysics (human imagination). Scientists can only; discover, investigate and theorize on the physical laws of nature.

There is an intelligent power (whom we call God) who created the "Laws of Nature", and as a result of this action - the universe came into existence. There would be no universe , as we know it, without the existence of these “Laws”. They exist because a supreme creative power designed them, brought them into existence and gave them domain over the entire universe - rather then - they always existed or they spontaneously came into existence.

Mankind alone, through the power of human imagination, has the unique ability among the animal kingdom to imagine the possibility of the existence of God, the Creator, and to see and comprehend some of the wonders that was created through these "Laws of Nature". The “Laws”created the Universe and gave it - its personality. (For example: It would have a much different personality if the law of inertia or gravity or some other law did not exist or if it was different). The “Laws” are the phenomena that create, guide and control everything in the universe. Inertia, gravity, biology electromagnetic emission, quantum mechanics, etc. are a few of these “Laws”. They are invariant, unbreakable and all powerful - they give the universe its unique personality.

Science has discovered and explained some of these “Laws”, some correctly, some questionable and there are probably, other laws yet to be discovered. Science is limited to discovering and explaining the “Laws of Nature”, they have no power to discover their origin. This is the domain of the philosophers and metaphysicists.

People often ask why can bad things happen to people here on Earth if God loves us so much? If God is all good - why would “he” let these things happen? The simple answer to that is like I said before - it is the “Laws of Nature” NOT GOD! that run the universe. Everything that happens is a consequence of these “Laws” - come what may. Besides - what is good for God does not necessarily have to be good for people. We live on a tiny speck of space dust in a universe of trillions of stars. God has his own priorities and we here on Earth are just an extremely minor part of his realm.

One unique gift of nature that we do have is the power to imagine. This power is the basis of “human nature”. Without this ability we could not have advanced beyond the other animals that inhabit the Earth. Imagination is the ability to visualize things and actions within our mind that do not yet exist, or may never exist. It is the power that made it possible for humans to discover the secret worlds of nature. We can see marks on a paper (written words) and and immediately associate them (imagine) with things or actions or we can hear complex sounds (voice) and imagine their meaning - if we know the language.

All human progress is based on the ability of people to imagine. Every step of progress mankind has made, throughout its entire existence, started with an idea some person had imagined. Imagination is the key to human understanding and progress. Imagination revealed the wonders of the universe to humans. Without imagination there could be no supernatural; Gods, devils, angels, religions, myths, stories, etc. Human imagination is the only connection humans have with God - the almighty creater of everything! There would be no creativity, science or philosophy if people did not have the power to imagine. The power of imagination makes our species unique among the animal kingdom. Human imagination created "The MIND of Mankind".

Don Hamilton (Author of "The MIND of Mankind")

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"The MIND of Mankind"

"Human Imagination is peoples' ability to visualize in their mind. To be creative!
The power to become aware of the wonders of the nature!
An eagle may have much keener eyes then ours but it cannot 'see' the things that we can!"

Donald L Hamilton