Brand new breakthrough technology. Radical new type of submarine concepts.

Submarine Cargo Systems

Sub-Sea Commerce in the Arctic Ocean

Recent years have seen a rapid increase in surface shipping operations in Arctic regions but nothing has been done for the sub-sea commercial shipping.

New submarine technology to open up the Arctic Ocean's fabled northern passage for year around commerce is now technically feasible. The voyage above the ice is extremely difficult exacerbated by: extreme low temperatures, short warm season, thick icing of exposed topside equipment, changing ice cap movements, and a lack of suitable rescue search operations. Faster cargo submarines, using direct routes across the Arctic Ocean would require less power and fuel could provide a greater economic advantage than larger more powerful surface ships.

There is a beautiful relatively warm ocean just under the thin ice cap that covers the Arctic ocean that could be used for many types commercial transportation possibilities. Transporting petroleum products such as LNG would be ideal for this type of shipping. A submarine cargo system shows the cargo submarine being pushed by a nuclear powered submarine. It is using the propulsion and electrical power generated by the submarine's nuclear energy. The cargo submarine can travel under its own diesel/electric power when conditions are suitable.

The "submarine cargo transportation system" is designed to deliver LNG cargo beneath the Arctic Ocean's ice cap and elsewhere. It only has to be submerged deep enough to avoid striking the ice above. Since the sea ice cap is not that thick the cargo sub's hull only has to be strong enough to withstand relatively low depth pressure. The picture above shows a submarine tanker cargo ship using the latest cutting edge technology that can operate submerged for extended periods of time.

Submarine Icebreaker System

A brand new breakthrough technology. This is a new concept for icebreaking in the frozen polar and other regions of the planet. A radical new type of submarine designed for icebreaking operations in the ice clogged polar regions and frozen lakes of the planet using the tremendous power of buoyancy to break the ice. The submarine's hull is specially designed for breaking ice and strong enough to withstand breaking through the polar sea ice as it moves forward or backward. Presently it is not designed for very deep dives nor for carrying armament so it should be relatively economical to build and operate. . It can be powered by; gas powered turbines, conventional diesel electric systems or nuclear power, etc.

One of the advantages of using this unique technology is the submarine icebreaker's capability to travel swiftly to its destination when submerged under an ice cap in contrast to a surface icebreaker that has to slowly break a path through the ice pact to reach its destination. (A surface icebreaker ship needs tremendous power and weight to move forward to break thick ice while the submarine icebreaker only needs to adjust its buoyancy and may need less powerful engines to break ice.)

The submerged submarine ice breaker can rise to the surface breaking through the ice above by using its buoyancy power to rise. It can then be propelled using its propulsion power and buoyancy to break a path through the ice as it moves through the ice field. It can carry out its missions any time of the year if it is required. The submarine icebreaker is not designed for the military but is designed to be mainly for ice breaking, carrying out rescue operations, gathering intelligence, doing research, surveillance, supplying bases, etc.. It could be a vital new arm for the U.S. Coast Guard and could establish a strong new presence for the U.S .in the Earth’s polar regions. At the present time the Artic region is a high priority region and many countries.

Submarine Icebreaker breaking ice.

Submarine Icebreaker launching UMV (Unmanned Marine Vehicle)

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