Human Imagination "Our Special Gift"

Human Imagination, Mankind's special sense 7th sense, is made up of a "Learning" imagination and a "Creative" imagination. The Learning imagination is the ability of humans to learn to associate sounds and symbols with abstract ideas in their mind and to communicate these abstract ideas verbally with other minds. The Creative imagination is the powerful ability to discover the secrets of nature, to create new concepts, innovations and art and to progress into the future. It separates modern humans from all other animals.

Human Imagination is mankind's 'Special Sense' that allows the human mind to reach much deeper into the mysteries of reality and become aware of the wonders of nature and the possible existence of a Supreme Creator who created all these wonders. Imagination comes in many guises - most people think to imagine means to fantasize or daydream but this powerful mental ability means much more then that. Any mental activity that requires a visualization within the mind is a form of imagination.

The following are some of areas of imagination: to create, to reason, to speculate, inspiration, to associate, to perceive, to comprehend, to think, to philosophize, to understand, to learn, to ponder, to memorize, to analyze, an idea, a concept, etc..

Imagination is an extremely powerful mental activity - it is what makes us human. By allowing this powerful 'human imagination' to evolve in the Homo Sapiens species, God finally began to reveal some of his wonders to life on Earth. 'Human Imagination' is mankind’s link with God and the wonders of the universe.

The concept of a Creator God exists only in the minds’ of mankind, in his imagination. Without this powerful gift mankind would not be capable of perceiving the existence of the omnipotent Creator God nor any of the lesser gods that humans created from the fertile imagination of their storytellers over the eons.

Scientists say there is absolutely no physical proof that a creator God exists - although his magnificent creations exist all about us. (Nor is there any credible proof that the universe started with a big bang, or the universe is expanding for that matter.) Some scientists say there is no need for a omnipotent Creator - that the universe has always existed - without a beginning. I prefer, Lord Herbert of Cherbury's, the first Deist (1583 - 1648) philosophy. He said, "There is no need for religious 'revelation', - the created universe is sufficient proof of God's existence and that all men could arrive at a knowledge of God by the exercise of their natural reason (imagination)".

Life on the planet has been slowly evolving for over 3 billion years - but it is only about 40 thousand years ago that mankind finally evolved a brain capable of comprehending the nature of the universe. Some remarkable evidence of this “transformation of the Homo Sapiens species” is painted on the walls of caves in France and the beautiful tools and artifacts that can be dated to around this time. Human Imagination is the tool God used to reveal some of his glorious nature to life on this tiny planet in the vast cosmos. Christians believe the Holy Spirit guided the writers of the Bible through 'inspiration' - a form of human imagination.

Through human imagination coupled with an insatiable curiosity we are beginning to understand the true nature of the omnipotent Creator of the Universe and his works. Human Imagination has given mankind the power to have greater control over its own destiny. Who knows how far this control can go in the future. Ever since the onset of Human Imagination, when humans became creative - throughout its history - mankind has used this imaginative power to explain all the mysterious phenomena that it continually encountered and thoroughly puzzled it.

Before mankind became imaginative - humans did not have the capability to wonder or be curious about the mysteries that surrounded them. The human brain had not yet evolved the necessary cells and pathways to be capable of absract imagination. The Neandertals were extremely intelligent beings but were not capable of Human Imagination.

After the ‘transformation’ - when the early civilizations of the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greece, etc. began to form, throughout the history of mankind, civilizations have continually used the creative imagination of their geniuses (people with superior human imagination), to make up stories, myths, and to create various Gods that explained these mysteries. Their fertile imagination created all sorts of stories that remain accepted today - the existence of heaven and hell, the after life, reincarnation are some of their creations.

The stories and myths may have some basis in the tribe’s history but were embellished by the imagination of their story tellers (inspired by the Holy Spirit?) - especially when they said it was the “Word of God”. Some of these stories and myths have evolved into the great religious traditions of today.

It is only in the past few centuries that mankind invented the 'scientific method' of reasoning and began using physical evidence along with their creative imagination to begin to understand the mysterious phenomena that guides and governs the world around him. By creating these intricate complex physical laws - the universe came into being. These laws are the universe - nothing could transpire without them - the universe would not exist without them. Before any interaction could occur between matter and energy or the “Big Bang” could happen, all the phenomena (physical laws of nature) had to be in place. They guide all interaction between matter and energy.

They determine the size of the universe - where the laws of nature no longer prevail - the universe ends. The mathematical relationships that scientists have discovered and described as the 'laws of nature' are not found in religious scriptures since they are based on observation and experiments rather then the 'inspired' imagination of an ancient storyteller which must be accepted on faith. Galileo, Newton, Kepler, etc. were the early discoverers of some of the 'laws of nature' that govern everything in the universe. They govern every breath we take - the creation and motion of the stars - the particles of the atoms - every chemical reaction that occurs, etc. etc.. These laws cannot be broken unlike the commandments of religions.

The Nature of the Supreme Creator - (God)

Mankind throughout its existence as an imaginative being has created many god’s. These gods were created to explain the mysteries that people encountered in their lives. The god of lightning, the god of thunder, etc.. In modern times most of the gods have been eliminated as the real cause of these physical phenomena have been discovered and satisfactorily explained.

There still is one God that has not been explained and is beyond the reach of scientists. This is the God of Creation - who or what power created all this magnificent beauty that surrounds us? Scientists are limited to discovering and explaining the natural phenomena of the universe, however beyond the natural lies the vast realm of the supernatural - metaphysics, religion, philosophy, etc..

Some areas of 'science' such as cosmology, relativity, quantum physics, depend heavily on the speculative imagination of the science philosophers and could be said to be closer to supernatural science rather then natural science.

Many scientists don’t accept the idea of a supreme creator of the universe. They explain the existence of the universe either by saying it always existed or since it is beyond their realm so they just don’t want to think about it. That leaves the metaphysicists, philosphers and religious storytellers to step in and speculate about the supernatural. These speculations will forever be left to mankind’s imagination.

Human Imagination is mankind’s only link with the omnipotent Creator - without this powerful capability there could be no speculation about the nature of God or his creations.

Most of the ancient religions portray the omnipotent God as having a very human nature in fact they actually say man is created in the image and likeness of God himself. They instill in God the very human emotions of ; anger, hate, love, jealousy, etc. - Christians claim he has a son. Prophets and many other people insist that God talks to them personally. The 'revelations' of the religions are claimed to be the "Word of God" - this is a powerful way of getting people's attention. Actually they are 'inspirations' of an ancient storyteller's imagination. Whether or not they have any validity is a matter of one's personal faith. Some religions in the past, even insisted that God wanted human sacrifices to keep him happy (the Aztecs. etc.).

Much of the true nature of the omnipotent God will remain a mystery forever but using our human imagination and the knowledge that we have acquired over the years we can make some educated common sense speculations about his nature. So what do we really “know” about God? The answer is nothing concrete, everything we "know" is imaginative speculation.

Here are some common sense ideas that we can either accept or reject.

God creates everything. He created our universe and possibly other universes. He created our universe by creating the phenomena that makes up nature, - the laws of physics, chemistry and biology. All these phenomena are universal - they create the universe and give it its personality. There may be other universes but may have an entirely different 'personalities' and since they are beyond our realm they are of no concern of mankind.

By creating the physical laws of nature - gravity, inertia, electromagnetic emission, chemistry, biology, etc. - the omnipotent Creator brought the universe into existence. This beautiful complex phenomena which scientists describe as the physical laws of nature, work in total synchronized harmony giving the universe its familiar characteristics - its "personality". They are totally invariant, there is no possible way to break any law of nature, we can manipulate and use them but we cannot break them.

Mankind, using scientific reasoning is now beginning to discover and understand some of this complex phenomena. Some of the “laws” are pretty well understood, some are yet to be discovered, some are still mistakenly described and some remain mysterious phenomena. By utilizing the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology mankind's creative geniuses have invented thousands of wonderful machines, devices and processes that has enabled mankind to continuously progress to ever higher levels of control over its own existence.

We know God loves beautiful things because everything he creates is beautiful. It is through the laws of nature that God creates his beauty. Everywhere we look there are beautiful creations of nature. Mankind is an extension of this creativity - it creates things that nature by itself cannot. From the primitive tools and beautiful paintings at the beginning of its existence to the complex intricate technology of the present - mankind has continually created things that nature could not.

Does God interact with mankind? We can believe mankind is special in the eyes of God because he gave us this powerful imagination that has enabled people to comprehend the wonders of the universe and the possibility of his existence. As far as I know we are the only life form on Earth who has this ability. Why did he do this? Possibily so that we could interact with him in some way.

Does he speak to us? Absolutely Not! - He may give us inspirational guidance if we ask for it. The fertile imagination of the storytellers have created stories about the mysterious nature of the supernatural ever since mankind learned how to talk. It is through personal faith and preference that we either accept or reject their stories. The 'laws of nature' on the other hand are invariant and cannot be broken.

Civilization itself - with all its laws and moral codes is a creation of mankind - not of nature. Many of the laws and moral codes of civilizations do not follow the 'laws of nature' at all but are necessary deviations for the good of mankind - although some are not. Moses’s commandments are the laws of man - not God’s - they are there to help guide mankind in a civilized manner as are most other religious tenets. Whether or not they were inspired by the Holy Spirit is a matter of one's personal faith.

Whether it be the 'inspired' writings of the supernatural or the mathematical relationships of science - "Human Imagination" is the only link mankind has with either the 'reality' of nature or the 'inspiration' of the supernatural.

Donald L. Hamilton is the author of - The MIND of MANKIND - Human Imagination, the source of Mankind's tremendous power! 09649265-1-2 Suna Press.

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"Human Imagination is peoples' ability to visualize in their mind. To be creative!
The power to become aware of the wonders of the nature!
An eagle may have much keener eyes then ours but it cannot 'see' the things that we can!"
Donald L Hamilton