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Man and woman stand equal beside each other, each complementing the other's strengths. One without the other is incomplete and cannot exist. Together with their offspring they are a complete viable system - the "Human System".

These two different types of human beings are an integral part of a system that could survive and prosper in an extremely challenging environment. Each one plays a vital role in the success of the human race.

The man and the woman are designed differently, both physically and mentally. Each one has their own physical characteristics and mental traits to carry out their specific tasks. The man is stronger, more aggressive and territorial. His job was to hunt for food and provide shelter for his family, to protect his family and to provide his genes for his familyís offspring.

The woman's body, hormones and temperament are specifically designed to make, nurture and rear new people. Her body harbors her eggs. Each month she lays an egg (which is physically demanding in itself). When one of her eggs is fertilized, she holds the embryo safely in her womb and nurtures it until it has developed enough to be born. When the baby is born her body produces the milk to feed it while it is young and helpless. She provides nurturing and guidance until the new person is mature and ready to go out on its own. The offspring are also a vital part of the Human System, they are the new people who will carry mankind into the future. Each one of these three types of people are equal essential parts of the Human System.

In modern society the manís tasks are becoming less exclusive, with the woman now assuming many of his tasks. This is not what nature intended but since humans are - for the large part - "masters of their own destiny" - perhaps the humans can get away with it.

Throughout its history, women had the much tougher role in propagating our species then the man did. Her time and imagination were pretty well taken up just having babies and rearing the children. In the old days the man's job was demanding too, hunting for food and protecting his family. After the last ice age however, some creative innovators invented farming and began to domesticate certain animals. This was a tremendous change in the lifestyle of people. It released the husband from always hunting for food for the family and gave him more time to be creative or to get into mischief. He did this with a vengeance.

While the women were busy having babies and raising the children, (she also was given the new chore of grinding the grains into flour and helping take care of the domesticated animals). Men were now free to go off and join a band of warriors to fight, conquer and plunder other tribes (while other people grew their food).

Depending on where and what age that he lived in, there were always battles to be fought. The Romans, the Huns, the Vikings, the Turks, Napoleon, the Mayans and the Aztecs, etc. were always looking for a bloody battle. No matter what age or where they lived, men were always looking to fight, plunder and dominate. The important thing was to be on the winning side so you didn't get your head chopped off or become a slave at the end of the battle.

On the more peaceful side, man now had more time to invent all types of innovations, tools, etc. - create all types of new works of art, philosophize (make up stories) about everything, use his creative imagination to its fullest extent. He no longer had to get up every morning and hunt for food for the family. You can imagine how much we would get done if we had to go out and hunt for food before we went to work.

What a great invention this farming was, while other people grew food for his family, man could now go out to explore the world, discover new lands. Soon great cities, pyramids and walls were being built all over the world, (mainly by the slaves captured from the fighting and plundering). Civilization had begun. All the while this was going on, the women were busy having babies (the adventurers came home once in a while), raising the children and grinding the grain. They didn't have much time to use their creative imagination nor were they allowed to.

With the invention of birth control methods and acceptance of women's rights, the womenís time has finally come - in this country anyway. (In most parts of the world women are still completely dominated by men.) Women are a vital part of the Human System - they however, are not clones of men, they think a little differently then men and their priorities are a little different so their creativity will be different. Women's creative imagination and power are now being felt in our society. They have already altered the political course of our country since they gained the right to vote. Who knows where it will lead to in the future. I know it will be very positive in any event.

(Chapter 2 - The 'MIND' of Mankind)

"Searching for Reality with Imagination"

Donald L. Hamilton

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