The Metaphysical World of Human Imagination

Transfiguration 1518-1520, Raphael

"Metaphysical" means: Going beyond the physical world that we can discern with our senses, into the mysterious supernatural world where only human imagination can venture.

Human Imagination is mankind's Special Gift. It is our "Seventh Sense" (this is in addition to our six animal senses; sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell and balance) The Seventh Sense - "Human Imagination" in addition to its creative powers, allows the human mind to reach beyond the physical world into the much deeper esoteric metaphysical world of the supernatural. Before the "transformation" of mankind into an imaginative being, humans did not have the capability to wonder or be curious about the mysteries that surrounded them. The modern human brain, although very large, had not yet evolved the unique power that would make them capable of creative imagining or abstract thinking that we call human imagination.

The Neandertals, who existed around the same time as the early modern humans, were very intelligent beings who survived for thousands of centuries under very harsh conditions but never evolved a powerful "human imagination". For some reason, perhaps a muted gene or a gift from nature, the modern humans began to become creative around seventy to ninety thousand years ago. This was the time of their "transformation" into an imaginative human being.

The Neandertals did not partake in this "transformation" and so did not become imaginative. When the new "imaginative" modern humans came on the scene the Neandertals could not compete with them and over a period of time they became extinct. Now, only the surivor of the Homo genus evolution were the modern Homo Sapiens who were being to be transformed into the Homo Imaginative Sapiens.

Mankind's "transformation" began when the Homo Sapiens' children began to show signs of becoming imaginative. Each generation was a little smarter then their parents. This had never happened before, for thousands of centuries their children's intelligence always remained the same as their parents. Now new trinkets and new tools and weapons began to be created. Over a period of many generations the Homo Sapiens were slowly transformed into the "Homo Imaginative Sapiens" species. A species that is now completely dominated by its powerful imagination - whether it will be able to handle this awesome power over a long period of time is anyone's guess.

Imagination, mankind's ability to visualize within its mind and to create new innovations, is an extremely powerful mental activity - it is what makes mankind so unique. When this transformatiom began taking place, mankind began to realize the fascinating world around them. It was like a great awakening - nothing like this had ever happened before on the planet. People began to imagine things that they couldn't see with their physical eyes.

After many centuries, when sophisticated languages had been developed, their storyteller's (people with very powerful imaginations) began relating stories of supernatural magical worlds that could only be entered within their imagination. They began to create all sorts of stories of imaginary beings and places. In their tales they of told of supernatural gods and even said they communicated with these gods. This was a very powerful claim and has dominated mankind's thinking ever since.

"Human Imagination" has given mankind the power to enter these vast metaphysical worlds of the unknown. The fertile imagination of the storytellers have created stories about the mysterious nature of the supernatural, ever since language has allowed them to communicate with each other. Gods, religions, devils, the after-life (heaven and hell), witches, angels, faeires, goblins, etc. are all products of the storyteller's fertile imaginations.

Without this powerful gift mankind would not be capable of imagining the existence of the omnipotent Creator, the power who created the Laws of Nature and brought the universe into existence. The concept of an all powerful God, the creator of everything, exists only in the minds of mankind, in its imagination. That does not mean the omnipotent Creator doesn't exist. All it means is that without human imagination people would not be aware of the Creator's possible existence nor any of the wonders of nature. Human imagination is our only link with this vast treasure of these mysterious metaphysical and supernatural worlds. Whether or not any of these mysterious worlds actually exist remains a matter of pure speculation (imagination).

January 2008

Donald Louis Hamilton, author of: The MIND of MANKIND - Human Imagination, the source of Mankind's tremendous power!

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