God - the Source of all Creation
The Father of Life

The Annunciation, ca.1644   by Philippe de Champaigne

God revealed himself to Mankind by giving modern humans
the "Special Gift" of Human Imagination.

God the source of all creation, the master of the universe, the father of life, is not concerned with the sins of mankind only we humans should be concerned. They do not effect God one way or the other. The earth is less then a speck of dust in comparison to the whole universe and mankind is just a little insignificant animal living on this speck of dust in the vast cosmos. It is only for our own good that we should try to get along with each other. If we fail here on Earth (our little speck of space dust) and life is wiped out - God has billions of other planets to watch over.

Even though this may be true - I believe, if we ask for his blessings and guidance he will give it. After all - we are very special in his eyes since he revealed the possibility of his existence and the wonders of his creations only to mankind - here on Earth. No other animal on earth has been given the special power of imagination. This alone is proof that God has a special love of mankind. Without the power of human imagination we would just be an ordinary frail animal still hiding in the trees trying to survive. God has given mankind this tremendous "MIND" power for some reason, we should use it wisely.

We live in a world of continuous renewal - people are born and must someday die to make room for new people to live their life. God is not some king sitting on a throne up in heaven - God is a universal power that exists everywhere in the universe and beyond. The power of God created the laws of nature that brought the universe into existence and has complete control over every aspect of it. These physical laws are the word of God, they are invariant and cannot be broken. The Bible's words are not the word of God - they were written by men and are the word of men not God. They try to guide us but they can be broken!

We live on a dynamic planet that is always changing. If a geological fault shifts, an earthquake or tsunami may occur and if people are living there they will be in harms way - not by God's will but by nature's laws.

God created mankind exactly the way he wanted, he does not make mistakes. We may have a very limited free will but we are greatly influenced by our homones, culture, and the storytellers that live among us. (chapter 4). We are extremely lucky to be living in this time and place among these people so I suggest you try to make the best of it and count your lucky stars. Maybe there is such a place as heaven, I don't really know. All we can do is ask God for his guidance and protection for ourselves and our loved ones and hope for the best.

Does God interact with mankind? We can believe mankind is special in the eyes of God because he gave us this powerful imagination that has enabled people to comprehend the wonders of the universe and the possibility of his existence. As far as I know we are the only life form on Earth who has this ability. Why did he do this? Possibily so that we could interact with him in some way.

The fertile imagination of the storytellers have created stories about the mysterious nature of the supernatural ever since mankind learned how to talk. It is through personal faith and preference that we either accept or reject their stories. The 'laws of nature' on the other hand are invariant and cannot be broken.

Civilization itself - with all its laws and moral codes is a creation of mankind - not of nature. Many of the laws and moral codes of civilizations do not follow the 'laws of nature' at all but are necessary deviations for the good of mankind - although some are not.

Mosesís commandments are the laws of man - not Godís - they are there to help guide mankind in a civilized manner as are most other religious tenets. Whether it be the 'inspired' writings of the supernatural or the mathematical relationships of science - Human Imagination is the only link mankind has with either the 'reality' of nature or the 'inspiration' of the supernatural.

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Donald L. Hamilton, author of - The MIND of MANKIND:  Human Imagination, the source of Mankind's tremendous power!
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