How God revealed himself to Mankind

© 2000 Donald L. Hamilton

All the human beings have been given the power to imagine, to be curious about their origin. Who made us? Where did life come from? People now had the power to imagine the possibility that a "Supreme Creator", a power who created all the magnificent wonders that surround us, may exist.

  • The Supreme Creator of the Universe, whom we call God has revealed the possibility of his existence to Mankind by giving humans a powerful creative (human) imagination! By allowing this powerful imagination to evolve in the Homo Sapiens species, people began to wonder how they came to be, who or what created them and all this magnificent beauty that surrounded them.

    Life had been slowly evolving since the beginning of the Cambrian Period 400 million years ago but it is only about 40 to 100 thousand years ago that the Homo Sapiens finally evolved a brain capable of having a creative imagination. Some evidence of Mankind's new imaginative power is painted on the walls of caves in France and beautiful tools and artifacts that can be dated to around this time. Human Imagination is God’s way of revealing some of his creations, to an imaginative being on this tiny planet in the vast cosmos. Human imagination has created the "MIND" of mankind.

    This is such a tremendous gift God has chosen to bestow on mankind that it is hard to fathom why he did it. Just think of it - through human imagination coupled with an insatiable curiosity people now have the mental capacity to discover the secret worlds of nature and understand the true realities of the Universe. Human Imagination has given mankind the power to have greater control over its own destiny. Who knows how far this control can go in the future.

  • Ever since the onset of Human Imagination, when humans became creative - throughout its history - people have used their imaginative power to explain all the mysterious phenomena that they continually encountered and thoroughly puzzled them. From the time of Babylonians, Egyptians, Jews, Aztecs, etc. down through history, these civilizations have continually used the creative imagination of their superminds (storytellers with superior creative imaginations), to make up stories and myths, create Gods, etc. to explain the mysteries they encountered. These stories and myths have little or no physical basis but were the important building blocks that constantly inspired Mankind to continue its search for the truth. These stories and myths have evolved into the great religions of today.

    It is only in the past few centuries that the imaginative superminds have begun basing their stories (theories) on physical evidence (the scientific method) that they have gathered. This has given humans the insight to began to understand the true nature of the mysterious phenomena that governs the universe. Mankind has began to come up with better explanations for the mysterious phenomena that they continually encounter in their lives.

    They no longer depend on gods and myths to explain this phenomena. The new stories (theories) have enabled humans to begin to understand the phenomena and create mathematical relationships that guides matter, energy and life within the universe. They now have many theories to guide them in their quest for the truth. They are slowly discovering the "true" physical laws of nature (gravity, inertia, chemistry, biology, etc.).

  • We now realize the main way the "Supreme Creative Force" works is by creating the physical laws of nature. By creating these intricate complex physical laws - the universe came into being. These laws created the universe - nothing could transpire without them - the universe would not exist without them. Before any matter or energy could come into being or the “Big Bang” could happen, all the laws had to be in place. They brought matter and energy into being! These laws of nature are the true word of the "Supreme Creator". Gallileo, Newton, etc. were the early discoverers of the laws of nature.

    The Nature of the "Supreme Creator" - (God)

    By creating the physical laws of nature - gravity, inertia, electromagnetic emission, chemistry, biology, etc. - God brought the universe into existence. This beautiful complex phenomena which we describe as the physical laws of nature, work in total synchronized harmony giving the universe its familiar characteristics. They are totally invariant, there is no possible way to break any law of nature, we can manipulate and use them but we cannot break them. Mankind is now beginning to discover and understand some of this complex phenomena.

    Some of the “laws” are pretty well understood, some are yet to be discovered, and some are still mistakenly described. By utilizing the laws of optics, electromagnetism, chemistry, etc. the superminds (people with superior creative imaginations) have invented thousands of wonderful machines, devices and processes that has enabled Mankind to continuously progress to ever higher levels of control.

    We know God loves beautiful things because everything he creates is beautiful. It is through Nature that God creates his beauty. Everywhere we look there are beautiful creations of nature. Mankind is an extension of Nature’s creativity - it creates things that Nature cannot. From the primitive tools and beautiful paintings at the beginning of its existence to the complex intricate technology of the present - Mankind has continually created things that Nature by itself - could not.

    Civilization itself - with all its laws and moral codes is a creation of mankind - not of nature. Many of the laws and moral codes of civilizations do not follow the laws of nature at all but are necessary deviations for the good of mankind - although some are not. Moses’s commandments are the laws of man - not God’s - they are there to help guide Mankind in a civilized manner. Although Mankind holds a special place God’s creativity, since he has chosen to give this us this tremendous power. There are probably billions of other planets in the universe with “imaginative minds” to whom he has also revealed his existence.

    Although God has chosen to reveal some of his wonders nature to Mankind through "human imagination", much of his infinitely vast nature may forever remain mysterious. We should consider ourselves fortunate to have the cognitive power to comprehend the wonders he has chosen to reveal.

    Donald Hamilton, author of: "The MIND of Mankind - Human Imagination, the source of Mankind's Tremendous Power!"


    Human Imagination is Mankind's "Window" into the Supernatural World.
    Only Mankind, here on Earth, has this unique power.

    *** "I'm a geophysicist. I work in geodynamics and climate. My field of work is earth rotation and gravity in relation with climate. I read some ideas of your book, and they are quite good. I'm surprised by your knowledge. The ideas concerning the story tellers are also good, it is not necessary to complicate the things, and the clues are there. The power of America the same.
    I think you must try to translate your book to Spanish. It may be a good base book for reflection for a lot of persons." Regards - Rodrigo (France)

    *** From a satisfied reader -" Hello Mr Hamilton, Just finished your book ... great job! Do you have any other similar books available?? I was looking for information on creation/evolution when I came across your book. This book should  be included in the educational systems of the world ... all ethnic groups could benefit greatly from this writing." - Matt

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