The History of Mankind

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“The Mind of Mankind”!
Human Imagination - The source of Mankind’s tremendous power!”

by Donald Louis Hamilton

Part 2.  Psychology/Science/Metaphysical

210 pages trade paperback, Published 1996,   ISBN 0-9649265-1-2,

A Book that Explains the Special Powers of Mankind's "Human Imagination".

Part 1.    The author traces the origin and history of Mankind from the time of its transformation, when the Homo Sapiens were transformed into an imaginative species around 75,000 years ago. The Homo Sapiens' physical body had slowly evolved over a period of several million years but its "Mind" was created fairly recently (geologically speaking). This final evolution of the brain is what made us human. Our body is that of a rather ordinary animal but our "MIND" is what separates human beings from the rest of the animal world.

It began in little tribe in Africa when for some unknown reason, their children's minds' began to become creative. For thousands of centuries their children's intelligence had always remained the same as their parents but now as they matured some of their children began to become smarter then their parents. It happened slowly, over a period of hundreds of years. Their children began to create new words, create better weapons, beads, all sorts of artifacts, etc. Each succeeding generation became slightly more imaginative, they began to adapt to challenges better, defend their tribe better, develop better ways to hunt for food.

The imaginative tribes (other imaginative tribes who broke away from the original imaginative tribe) prospered better then other non-imaginative homo tribes tribes (neandertals, etc.). They began to create new words, sentences, abstract meanings. Some of them began to paint pictures of animals, etc. This happened over a long period of time, each generation becoming more imaginative. The Homo Sapiens had received their "Special Gift", a much more powerful brain capable of creative thinking, capable of progressing, copying other peoples ideas. (Just as they do today.) The Homo Sapiens species had been transformed into the "Homo Imaginative Sapiens". This is the time when the "MIND" of Mankind came into being. This was a result of the more sophisticated languages that had been developed could now pass (or steal or copy or improve) ideas among one another.

This is the time when anthroplogical evidence indicates mankind's tremendous new creative power began to cause strange, wondrous things to began happening on our tiny planet. Beautiful new tools, paintings and other artifacts began to be created. Words and then tribal languages were invented and passed down through the ages. Storytelling began. Using its human imagination mankind began its relentless progress and is still progressing at the present time with no sign of stopping.

Part 2.    The author explores a new concepts in science, cosmology, metaphysics, etc. Some of the ideas and theories that prevailed in the 20th century will be replaced by new concepts for the 21st century. Mankind - using its tremendous creative imagination will progress ever forward in this century continuing to increase its control over its own destiny - who knows how far it will go.

Here are a few reviews of the book -

  • "I'm a geophysicist. I work in geodynamics and climate. My field of work is earth rotation and gravity in relation with climate. I read your book, and it is quite good, I am surprised by your knowledge. The ideas concerning the story tellers are also good, it is not necessary to complicate the things, and the clues are there. The “Power of America “ chapter the same. I think you must try to translate your book to Spanish. It may be a good base book for reflection for a lot of persons." Regards - Rodrigo

  • Ted Holmes says - "I just want to pass along my compliments on the depth of thought you have put into your work. I especially enjoyed the portion illustrating how a body does not move except in relation to other bodies, not in relation to space. Its the first time I have heard about this concept."

  • Richard Fuller, Senior editor of METAPHYSICAL REVIEWS writes - “The author, has used his tremendous power to give us a book that enlightens us, and at the same time, challenges us to make better use of this God-given talent.”

  • From a satisfied reader -" Hello Mr Hamilton, Just finished your book ... great job! Do you have any other similar books available?? I was looking for information on creation/evolution when I came across your book. This book should be included in the educational systems.


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