Homo Imaginative Sapiens

An eagle may have much keener eyes then ours but it cannot "see" the things that we can!"

Human Imagination created the "MIND" of Mankind

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A powerful worldwide mental "MIND" has risen from the creative imagination of mankind - its power to innovate and communicate its ideas and concepts to others is the secret of mankindís amazing ability to progress over the ages.

Creative imagination is the remarkable mental power that gives people the ability to: come up with new ideas, create new tools & weapons, invent words and languages by associating sounds (verbally) or marks on a paper (writing), etc. with things and abstract ideas and to communicate these ideas with other people.

As a result of this powerful imagination - the "MIND" of mankind came into being - a new, completely unique mental power that is continuously exploring, discovering, and unraveling the mysteries of nature. Nothing comparable has ever existed on this planet before. The MIND's curiosity is insatiable, its ability to create - rivals nature itself - it is an extension of natureís ability to create. It creates things that nature itself cannot create. It is strongest when it is challenged.

The "MIND" of Mankind is the sum total of all the human minds that exist today and also the minds who contributed in the past, to the knowledge and progress of mankind. It is a worldwide network of the "Human Imaginative Sapiens" species (The last surviving "Homo Sapiens" species on the planet).

The "MIND" of Mankind gives the imaginative humans the power to build upon the ideas of other people. This is the secret of mankind's ability to progress. The "MIND" operates as a single worldwide imaginative mental power that relentlessly probes into the mysteries that surround it in every direction, creating, learning, discovering the secrets of nature, slowly progressing forward into the vast unknown. Itís long time goal is to discover the wonders of nature and to have control over its own destiny! (It has already made much progress in this area.)

The "MIND" of Mankind is another dimension of natureís tremendous power to create! Over the eons the "MIND's" tremendous creative power and insatiable curiosity has made possible a steady step by step progression of its total knowledge, probing in every direction, learning, questioning, exploring, inventing new technology, discovering the secrets of nature, creating the myths and stories that now control every aspect of peopleís lives.

This tremendous power has allowed mankind to delve into the mysteries of its own creation, to comprehend the wonders of the universe, to discover the secret worlds of nature, to create civilizations, to progress. Human imagination has given its people an awesome communication power that allows them to interact with and build upon the ideas of others.

Indeed throughout the history of mankind its people have stood on the shoulders of their predecessors always interacting and innovating - always improving their technology. The "MIND" is the secret of mankindís ability to progress through the ages.

Tim Crow, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Oxford and a member of England's Medical Research Council's External Research Staff, theorizes that a genetic transition might have occurred between 100,000-200,000 years ago, when there appears to have been an "evolutionary jump" that may have given rise to (imaginative?) modern humans. Crow and many other researchers believe language could have been the catalyst for the break. Apparently the male who was born with the gene associated with language was quite popular, because it is a gene that every human now possesses in the brain's left hemisphere."

I believe the "Transformation" into the "Human Imaginative Sapiens" species took place before verbal communication (words and languages) were invented and the tremendous new power of human imagination made it then possible to create human communication.

This "Transformation" into an imaginative species took place long after the modern human species and the Neanderthal species had separated. The Neanderthal species did not take part in the "Transformation" and did not become imaginative. As a result their imagination remained at the same low level, they did not progress. Their tools remained the same throughout there existence. One of the most crucial aspects of human imagination is the ability of humans to build upon the ideas of others, to progress. The "MIND" of Mankind rose from the creative imagination of modern humans - its power to communicate ideas and concepts to others is the secret of mankindís amazing ability to progress over the ages.

The "MIND" of Mankind has taken on a life of its own - an extemely powerful world wide mental web that links people across time and around the planet. It is the sum total of all the human minds that exist today and also the minds who contributed in the past, to the knowledge and progress of mankind. Unlike any other species on the planet, the ĎMINDí operates as a single worldwide interacting entity, relentlessly probing in every direction, exploring, creating, learning, discovering the secrets of nature, slowly progressing forward into the vast unknown.

Since the "MIND" of Mankind has come into existence it has: explored almost every nook and cranny around the world, created thousands of languages and alphabets, developed and continually improved farming, developed and improved countless inventions, created and developed thousands of cultures, religions and philosophies. When you look down from space you can see the MINDís cities sparkling on the dark side of the planet. It has discovered the meaning and mathematical relationships of many of the Laws of Nature and its secret worlds.

The "Mind" of mankind has probed into the secret worlds of nature with magnificent telescopes and microscopes that it slowly developed over thousands of years. Long ago someone discovered that light bends when it enters another medium and someone else discovered how to make glass. Over the centuries these simple innovations and discoveries where slowly improved and developed by the MIND in different areas of the world and at different times. At present the MIND has developed these magnificent instruments to the point where they can penetrate billions of light years out in space or peer into the tiniest worlds of the atoms and viruses.

These are some of the areas where the MIND has contributed to the knowledge, welfare and sometimes to the detriment of mankind (in the case of weapon development). All of the improvments MINDíS creations and innovations were a products of hundreds of thousands of people working all over the world at different times - sometimes for thousands of years. This is the MIND of mankind at work.

In the beginning - modern human's progress was extremely slow. They had to invent vocal sounds to describe things they saw and encountered in their daily life. Slowly as they increased their association with vocal sounds, languages developed so that they could communicate ideas and stories among members of the tribe. Thousands of years later the written word came into being, thousands of years after that came the printed word.

Finally in modern times came the wire communication (telegraph and telephone) and then came the wireless communication (radio and television) and finally computer communication - the internet. Each step made it easier for its people to spread their ideas faster and further. The MINDís power increased tremendously at every step.

The Power of Human Imagination

"Human Imagination" is the defining charteristic of the variation in people's aptitudes and abilities. Human Imagination, is made up of two separate very powerful imaginations in the brains of people - a "learning" imagination and a "creative" imagination. People have these imaginations in varying strengths which results in the great diversification in the capabilities of modern humans. Four general groups are described below.

  • The largest class is the ordinary everyday people. They have both an ordinary learning imagination and also a ordinary creative imagination. These are the people who just bump along through their lives, learning enough to carry on their jobs and life, creating little and not very curious about anything that does not concern them. The intelligence level of this group goes through a whole range of above average to below average people. They go through life, going to work, raising a family, enjoying life.

    This is an extremely important group of people. They are the people who get the work done, they build the roads, the bridges, the pyramids, the great walls, the cities, grow the food. They work in the factories, building the products that the more creative people have invented and improved. They are the people who get things done! It would be a very different world if everyone was a creative genius just sitting around coming up with new inventions, philosophizing about new theories and concepts. Nothing would get done, we very much need this class of people to carry out the ideas of the creative people.

  • Another category of people have strong learning imaginations but weak creative imaginations - they are the people who are very good at learning (comprehending & memorizing) - great students that excel in school. They are likely to become leaders - teachers, professors, doctors, generals, admirals, politicians, etc. But with a weak creative imagination they are not visionaries - they don't come up with new ideas that can propel mankind to ever higher levels of achievements. They may live very successful lives but with little creative imagination.

  • Some people are just the opposite - they have weak learning imaginations but strong creative imaginations. They are the people who come up with the wild original ideas. Most of their ideas are too far out or not workable but then some of their ideas are revolutionary. Some creative artists, sculptures, and musicians such as Picasso, Dali, etc. fit into this category.

  • The real super minds are the people who have strong learning and also strong creative imaginations plus an insatiable curiosity. - they are the inventors, philosophers, scientists, explorers, etc. who have propelled mankind since the time of the transformation. These are the people who do not accept the ďstatus quoĒ - they always want to dig deeper, go down new paths, try new ways. These are the people who have propelled the "MIND", across the ages, to ever higher levels of progress.

  • The diversity of talents of these four general classes of people working together create the efficacy of the modern humanís civilizations. (Someone had to conceive the idea of the ancient pyramids, someone had to design them and then it took a really lot of people to build them.) These four general categories explain the difference in the ratios of strength of the 'learning' and 'creative' imagination that cause the large diversity of abilities and aptitudes in the human nature. The cultures these people lived in also had a major a influence on the groups (if any)they fit into.

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