Fresco by Giuseppe Bertini depicting Galileo showing
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"The Personality of the Universe"

Donald L. Hamilton

The personality of the Universe exists because of the "Laws of Nature", the natural phenomena, some of which scientists have discovered and described as the laws of physics, chemistry & biology. (inertia, gravity, quantum mechanics, biogenetics (life), electromagnetic emission, the atomic and nuclear interactions of matter and energy, evolution, etc.) Every cubic centimeter of space from one end of the Universe to the other is filled with this phenomena that makes the Universe and everything in it work in perfect harmony.

Scientists have been able to describe much of this phenomena mathematically - however some of this phenomena remains mysterious, much work needs to be done. These natural physical laws actually create universal space and determine the size of the Universe - where the laws end, the Universe ends - nothing can exist beyond these laws.

The "Laws of Nature" are the phenomena makes our existence and everything else in the universe possible. They determine the personality of the Universe. They are invariant. The universe is shaped like a sphere (or some other enclosed space) - with all the laws, galaxies, matter and energy contained within the sphere. The accelerating galaxies are merely falling outward, within the sphere, toward this 'boundary' powered by a 'gravity-like force' located at the boundary. I call this force the 'Super Attractive force". It is not gravity however - it is the fundamental force that powers the universe - creates the inertial mass of matter, causes fusion reaction of the stars to occur, etc..

The "Laws of Nature" (all the physical laws of the universe) precisely determine and control all actions and interactions of matter and energy, within the Universe, from the tiniest space between the subatomic particles to the vast expanse of the Universe. The laws of nature create Universal Space, without its laws, the Universe would not exist. The Universe is not expanding - the galaxies are simply falling (accelerating) toward the border of the finite universe. Scientists only conceived an "expanding universe" to explain the doppler effect of the receeding galaxies they had discovered in the 20th century. With the hypothesis of the "Falling Galaxies" an expanding universe is no longer needed.

The Universe is finite and not expanding. Where the influence of the Laws of Nature no longer exist, the Universe ends. Beyond these laws neither matter or energy can exist, not even for the smallest fraction of measurement. This is the ultimate barrier, the boundary of the Universe. Although the Laws of Nature govern everything within the Universe they do not go on forever nor do they gradually weaken and dissipate. They are either completely in force or they do not exist at all. Where the laws do not exist neither energy or matter can exist - there is no space. The boundary of the Universe is not a wall, it is simply where the "Laws of Nature" end.

Don Hamilton (Author of "The MIND of Mankind")

The Power of Human Imagination created "The MIND of Mankind".

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"The MIND of Mankind"

"Human Imagination is peoples' ability to visualize in their mind. To be creative!
The power to become aware of the wonders of the nature!
An eagle may have much keener eyes then ours but it cannot 'see' the things that we can!"

Donald L Hamilton

SCIAM 4. Donzzz comment on multi parallel universes.
3:57 pm 08/10/2012

If there are other parallel universes – we’ll never know it. The void between the universes has no physical laws (if its a real void) therefore we could not travel from one universe to another even if it was only a foot away. We only exist because of the unique physical laws of nature within our universe. With no laws to guide us across the void it would be impossible to travel across it or to have anything to exist within the void. If we did somehow get across this void into another universe we could never exist unless the laws of each universe were the same. Both universes would have to have the same personality.