Science: "The Creation of Evolution"

Evolution is a "Law of Nature" that enables life forms
to change and diversify into new and varied species and subspieces.

The "Laws of Nature" are the phenomena that controls everything in the universe, (gravity, inertia, biology, evolution, etc.). They brought the universe into existence and gave it its personality. If the Laws of Nature did not exist the universe could not exist. Nature’s laws are universal and invariant - conditions may vary but its laws never do. The specific laws that create and control life (evolution, biology, etc.) are universal, they exist throughout the universe - its silly to think that life would only exist on our little speck of space dust (earth).

Evolution is just one of the ‘Laws of Nature’ (gravity and inertia, etc.) Through evolution - nature creates evermore complex, diversified life forms. Evolution is not just a series of random accidents, these are the laws that nature uses to diversify life on the planet.

Sometimes this diversification leads to an imaginative form of life that can perceive the possibility of the existence of its own Creator and the wonders of the universe. A powerful imagination is the "special gift" that evolved within the mind of the Homo Sapiens species, making them the Homo Imaginative Sapiens species. A species that by using its powerful imagination is able to progress to unbelievable heights.

There are just three fundamental steps in the evolution of life on a planet. I have no idea how life arrives on a planet but when a planet becomes suitable for life to exist - life is created (or arrives) in its most simple form. It multiplies and prepares the planet so that higher more complex life forms can exist on it.

  • The first primary life forms prepare the environment for the more complex life forms that will eventually evolve. They are the most, primitive, simple, rugged, living cells that exist in the universe. These life forms slowly evolve into more complex single cell plants and animals. These single cells slowly evolve to the point where they begin to live in cooperative colonies.

  • The second step - These colonies of single cells begin to evolve into specialized cells and become part of a multicell plant or animal. This process continues for millions of years slowly evolving into evermore complex multicell plants and animals - filling the planet with a tremendous diversified multitude of nature's living beauty.

  • The final step - when there are millions of species of plants and animals inhabiting the planet, an imaginative being (Homo Imaginative Sapiens in the case of the Earth) may (or may not) evolve. Because of its tremendously powerful imagination, this species, is able to perceive the wonders of nature. It is able to perceive the possibility of the existence of its Creator and comprehend some of the magic of the universe. Mankind's powerful imagination is its link with its Creator and the supernatural world, (whether or not it exists in reality - it does exist in the minds' of mankind). How long mankind can exist with such a powerful imagination at its disposal is anyone's guess.

    Why did the Creator (almighty God, the father of life) allow nature to evolve a being with such a powerful imagination?

    Answer - He allowed this "special gift" to evolve because he wanted a form of life who could perceive his creations. Human Imagination is a "special gift" - it is mankind's connection with its Creator and the wonders of the universe! Mankind is unique, no other creature, on earth, has the power to comprehend the wonders of nature.

    An amazing transformation in the homo sapiens species began to happen between 50 to 100 thousand years ago when the humans began to become more curious about the world around them. The transformation took place wherever this species (modern man) had wandered across the globe for thousands of centuries. Whether they had evolved into Asians or Europeans or Africans, etc., when the time of the transformation arrived they all received their "special gift" and became "imaginative" humans, no matter where they were. They all received their human imagination.

    The way this transformation happened was; their children began to be smarter then their parents. Each generation the children became slightly more imaginative and began to do things their parents never thought of, such as making trinkets, new tools, etc.. Each generation became a little smarter then their parents. This never happened before, for thousands of centuries the homo sapien children were no smarter then their parents but after the transformation this was no longer the case. This transformation never happened to the Neandertal species.

    During the transformation, for thousands of centuries, each generation became slightly more imaginative then the previous generation. They became curious about everything they came in contact with. Things they never thought about before began to puzzle them. They began to invent more complex vocal sounds (words and sentences) to describe the things they saw rather then just animal warning cries. They began to make better, more useful tools and artifacts for their beauty alone. They used their imagination to survive and progress.

    Using their fertile imagination they began inventing supernatural worlds; gods, devils, angels, witches, heaven, hell, and every other crazy idea they could think of. Eventually they developed religions, cultures, civilizations and invented writing. They built great cities, marvelous structures such as the pyramids, etc. they designed bigger and faster airplanes, rockets that took them to the moon, telescopes that enabled them to see billions of light years into space, microscopes that could see microbes, viruses, etc..

    There seems to be no limit to where their imagination will take them. By using the "MIND" of mankind, (the ability of modern humans to communicate their complex ideas, among one another, across time and space), they constantly improved their inventions and created new technology.

    Mankind with its now, tremendously powerful imagination that it uses for both good and evil deeds, may be in the final cresendo of its life story on our planet. There probably are millions of other planets similar to ours in various stages of evolution in the universe. If Earth is destoyed or becomes uninhabitable for some reason through mankind's own stupidity - life in the universe will go on regardless. No one will even notice the disappearence of our little planet.

    Donald L. Hamilton, - is author of - THE MIND OF MANKIND

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