Human Imagination - Searching for Reality with Imagination

An eagle may have much keener eyes then ours but it cannot "see" the things that we can!"

The Ambassadors - Hans Holbein the Younger (1498–1543)

Develop a Powerful Creative Imagination!
It can be your key to success.

by  Donald Louis Hamilton

Being human - we all have been given the potential to develop a powerful 'creative imagination' to use for our benefit and possibly the benefit of all mankind. Everything mankind has achieved throughout its existence is a result of its "human imagination".

Human Imagination is unique to mankind alone - no other creature on Earth has this remarkable power. It is what makes us human! It is the ability to visualize ideas in our mind and then bring these ideas into existence, to be creative. It gave people the opportunity to began improving their lives. By developing this powerful imagination many people throughout the history of mankind have benefitted greatly by using their unique power to create every conceivable innovation that can be imagined. You too can benefit by developing a strong creative imagination.

Human imagination is the "Special 7th Sense" that gives people the power to become aware of much more then our animal senses allows. We all know about our other senses such as; sight, hearing, smell, taste, balance that our brain depends on for its contact with the outside world.

These are our animal senses that all the higher animals have to survive and prosper. Between 50,000 & 100,000 years ago, for some reason that we can only speculate about, our brain took a quantum leap into an entirely new dimension, it had received a super 7th sense that would eventually open vast new secret worlds of nature to mankind.

This powerful new brain allowed human beings to eventually become aware of, through the invention of the microscope and telescope the secret exotic worlds of nature. The Homo Sapiens had become imaginative human beings. Human Imagination has allowed mankind to reach out beyond the very narrow animal world into a vast new universe, to discover and interact with the wonders of nature.

Around seventy thousand years ago these new imaginative humans beings began to leave an indelible mark on our archaeological history. New tools and artifacts with aesthetic beauty dated around this time were discoverd. Later, beautiful art was painted on cave walls and probably a lot of other places that did not survive the ages. This is hard evidence that a radical new form of life was beginning to make its presence known on Earth.

Throughout the history of mankind, creative people have used their imagination to invent new verbal languages, innovations, art, stories, customs, religions, and eventually writing. The tribes who had the best innovators tended to thrive since they were able to overcome adversity and invent new technology to solve problems. The inventors of such innovations as; the flintstone to start fires, the bow and arrow, the wheel, farming, ranching, etc. prospered. Great civilizations grew from the creative innovations of their citizens. They prospered until other imaginative innovators invented more advanced technology and conquered the older civilizations. This has been the case throughout the history of mankind and is just as true today as it was in ancient times.

Human Imagination has allowed mankind to climb from the valley of the ordinary to the peak of the mountain, where all of nature’s wonders lie before it. It allows people to “see” deep into the secrets of nature, to think abstract thoughts, to associate marks on a paper (writing) with ideas, to communicate their ideas with other people. It has given humans the tremendous power to create magnificent art, technology, philosophies, etc. using our human imagination.

Human imagination is not a vital sense, the Neanderthals survived remarkably well for thousands of years without this special sense. They may have had the potential but never had the right conditions. They were extremely intelligent with a limited imagination but did not develop the remarkable power of human imagination. Human imagination has that extra power that allows mankind to peer beyond the ordinary and explore deep into the abstract worlds of mathematics, science, metaphysics, etc. It has allowed mankind to innovate and steadily progress over the centuries.

If you are interested in increasing your human potential, you too can develop a powerful creative imagination. Just look around at the successful entrepreneurs, writers, artists, inventors, who have started new businesses, wrote novels, songs, movies, invented new machines and other products. Its not easy, the prolific inventor Thomas Edison said; “Inventing is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. No matter what type of career you follow having a powerful creative imagination at your disposal will help you innovate and solve problems that you may encounter along the way. If you want to develop your creative imagination you must open your mind to new unexplored paths, think of offbeat ways to tackle a problem, make something that is hard - easier. All people have the potential to be creative, it is our special gift, but most never develop this unique human capability.

Here are some tips that can help you develop a strong creative imagination.

  • Be curious about everything - the world is full of amazing wonders for you to learn about. They will become your storehouse of memories and ideas that you can use when needed.

  • Look deep into the problem you face and imagine different alternatives for solving the problem. Try new paths - don’t accept the status-quo, if you fail at one task try another approach. Take everything with a grain of salt, keep an open mind.

  • Try to associate with other creative people, people who discuss ideas rather then people who just talk about other people.

  • Always be on the lookout for new innovations that you can improve upon. When a new product, device or machine is invented it is already ripe for improving. Technology is always being improved. Just look at the automobile, since it was invented over a hundred years ago it has been constantly improved with thousands of new innovations added. This goes for any product, there is always room for improvement. Even if you come up with what seems to be a crazy way of solving a problem - write it down anyway - think about it - it may turn out to be a good idea.

  • Start thinking about writing a story, think of a plot, think up characters for the story, take notes and expand the story over a period of time. Refine and change the story if you want to. Take your time, new ideas will pop out of your subconscious as you think about it. It is your creation you can do anything you want with it, use you imagination.

  • Whether you are writing music or leading an army into battle keep your mind open for opportunities - new angles - different strategies - if one thing doesn’t work try another.

  • Develop your interests and natural talents - follow these talents - be curious, learn as much as you can about subjects you are interested in and then improvise, develop, expand them. Follow different off beat paths. If they don’t work try another tack.

  • Build upon the ideas of other people - improve and refine their ideas. This is a fundamental reason for human progress. It created the "MIND" of mankind (the ability of people to continually spread ideas among other people across time and place). This is the secret of Mankind's ability to progress.

    Isaac Newton once said - “If I have been able to see further then others - it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants”.

    Human progress is a step by step process made possible by the "MIND of Mankind".

    Good luck - use your new power wisely.

    Donald Hamilton, author of the book - The "MIND" of Mankind: Human Imagination the source of Mankind’ tremendous power!


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