MTR100: Marine Technology Reporter September 9, 2016

This Submarine Icebreaker Concept was chosen in the 2016 edition of the "Marine Technology Reporter"
MTR100 listings as one of the top innovations for 2016.

A brand new breakthrough technology. This is a new concept for icebreaking in the frozen polar and other regions of the planet. A radical new type of submarine designed for icebreaking operations in the ice clogged polar regions and frozen lakes of the planet using the tremendous power of buoyancy to break the ice. The submarine's hull is specially designed for breaking ice and strong enough to withstand breaking through the polar sea ice as it moves forward. It can be powered by; gas powered turbines, conventional diesel electric systems or nuclear power, etc.

A major the advantage of using this unique technology is the submarine icebreaker's capability to travel swiftly to its destination when submerged under an ice cap in contrast to a surface icebreaker that has to slowly break a path through the ice pact to reach its destination. (A surface icebreaker ship needs tremendous power and weight to move forward to break thick ice while the submarine icebreaker only needs to adjust its buoyancy and may need less powerful engines to break ice.)

The submerged submarine ice breaker can rise to the surface breaking through the ice above by using its buoyancy power to rise. It can then be propelled using its propulsion power and buoyancy to break a path through the ice field. It can carry out its missions any time of the year. The Arctic Ocean's temperature remains at just above freezing year around. The submarine icebreaker will offer the Navy a much more economical way to cover a larger area of the Arctic ocean. It is designed to be mainly for ice breaking, carrying out rescue operations, gathering intelligence, doing research, surveillance, supplying bases, etc.. It can be used by the Navy or Coast Guard depending on how it is outfitted. This new concept if developed could establish a much larger military presence for the U.S. in the Earth’s polar regions. At the present time the Arctic region is a high priority region for many countries.

Submarine Icebreaker breaking ice.

Submarine Icebreaker launching a UMV (Unmanned Marine Vehicle)

I am looking for a partner or partners who would be interested in becoming a leader in developing these revolutionary concepts. A white paper has been submitted to DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) who stated that an executable course of research would need to be submitted that would lead to a revolutionary platform system. I will work with your company in a joint venture or as a research consultant, with the goal of bringing this new concept to reality.

Donald L. Hamilton,  Inventor
Novan Research & Development
104 Ramona Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14220,  USA

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