The Superminds (Creative Geniuses) of Mankind"

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)
"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has
endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended to forego their use."

The Super Minds (Creative Geniuses) of Mankind.
© 1999 - 2011  Donald L. Hamilton

"The geniuses of mankind are endowed with strong creative and learning imaginations and an insatible curiosity. This relatively small percentage of homo sapiens are responsible for most of the progress mankind has attained throughout its existence. They are constantly probing deeper and deeper into the secrets of nature, inventing new technology, and giving people more control over their own existence. These are the superminds of mankind.

The Homo Sapiens brain is the culmination of billions of years of the evolution of life on earth. Beginning with a vague nerve area in the most primative life forms - the brain has slowly evolved through the millennia - becoming more and more complex - slowly evolving keener senses, enabling it's hosts to become ever more aware of the environment that surrounds them. After billions of years, a large brain had evolved in the Homo Sapiens species (both modern man and the Neandertals). It was a big brain but it was not yet imaginative - there is no evidence that either group had much creative power for thousands of centuries after they went their separate ways and became genetically distinct. Both groups were very intelligent and had substantial "learning" imaginations but they had very little "creative" imagination.

Then somewhere around 70 to 100 thousand years ago a Homo Sapiens tribe living in south Africa began leaving evidence that superior new tools and weapons were being created, along with other artifacts. Something revolutionary was beginning to happen on the planet. Their children began to show signs of being more creative. Nothing like this had ever happened before, the children had always remained at the same intelligence level as their parents. The Homo Sapiens species was beginning to rise to a higher level of intelligence, slowly becoming more aware of the wonders that surrounded them. These Homo Sapiens were being transformed into an imaginative species.

They slowly acquired the power to imagine - to form mental pictures of things that did not exist and to imagine abstract concepts. The ability to mentally visualize a thought or an idea. The ability to reach into an imaginary world and bring forth its fruits - to reality. Occasionally one of the children in a tribe would be endowed with a much keener creative imagination then the other children. This allowed the gifted child (a supermind) to stand out in the tribe and sometimes even introduce an innovation or invention to its peers. Perhaps a better tool or artifact - perhaps a new word. Many of these imaginative people became the storytellers of their tribes, witch doctors, chiefs, priests, etc.. They told their stories whether they were true or not - and still do today.

What transformed modern humans into imaginative beings and how long the "transformation" lasted is open to speculation. The Neandertals did show a little creativity with their flintsone chipped tools but never had a chance to improve them before they became extinct. Possibly these new tool designs were simply learned from living nearby the modern imaginative humans. The Neanderthals did have a substantial learning imagination, they were very smart but had little or no creative imagination. Perhaps their species just lacked the superminds that the Homo Imaginative Sapiens tribes had.

Once upon a time long long ago one of hunters in the tribe looking for a better way to hunt for food, invented a new contraption that would help feed his starving tribe. This young supermind introduced a strange new weapon he had invented to his tribe. No one had ever seen this strange contraption before and wondered what it was. It turned out to be a bow and arrow. The invention of the bow and arrow was a major turning point in human warfare and hunting. It gave his tribe a distinct advantage in its survival and prosperity.

These young superminds contributed new inventions, words, philosophies throughout history to human progress. Other superminds constantly used their more powerful imaginations to slowly progress and eventually discover some of nature's deepest secrets. It would take thousands of centuries of step by step progress to get to the level of humankind's present day knowledge and technology.

There seems to be among our species, a certain percentage of imaginative superminds, (creative geniuses) who contribute to the continuous progress of mankind. They are the inventors, philosophers, scientists, innovators, storytellers, etc.. Galileo, Newton, Bacon, Plato, Faraday, Moses, Chopin, Archimedes, Micheal Angelo, Franklin, the Wright bothers, Telsa, Edison, the Greek philosophers - just to name a random few of the more famous superminds - there are countless others. They are part of the "MIND" of mankind, a worldwide human mental entity that enables people to communicate with each other across time and space - improving each other's inventions, innovations, philosophies, art, etc. constantly progressing through the ages. Spreading mankind's presence further and further across the lands.

Long ago in ancient times imaginative superminds invented new technology such as the wheel-axle system, the bow and arrow, and of course, farming and ranching. The storytellers also invented myths and traditions that eventually led in to the supernatural worlds of; gods, devils, angels, witches, etc. some of which gradually developed into various religions. They even claimed to know the "word of God". These were just a few of the early major steps in the progression of mankind, there were many others. In most cases civilization benefited greatly from their works.

The superminds with their powerful creative imaginations seem to be sprinkled throughout the history of mankind, creating complex languages, inventing new technology, philosophies, creating beautiful art and recently discovering and describing some of the physical laws of nature. They seem to be a product of their genes as well the culture they live in, probably a mixture of both.

Cultures that are constantly challenged to survive eventually either overcome their challenges by innovation and determination or become extinct as a culture. The superminds not only create original ideas, they also build upon the ideas of other minds and when they are in contact with many diverse cultures their creative imaginations tend to be more stimulated. When their survival depends on it such as in war their creativity works overtime. The German Nazis (the dark side of human imagination) were frantically working on futuristic weapons as they were beaten into submission.

The superminds all have an insatiable curiosity that compels them to, learn, investigate and speculate about everything that interests them (provided their culture doesn't stifle their creativity). Their imagination spews forth mental ideas that may or may not lead to the right solutions. Sometimes an inspiration will flash into their minds while they sleep. The majority of these creative superminds probably never develop to their full potential because of the conditions they live under - but many do!

Anthropologists now put the age of the transformation of mankind into an imaginative being at around 70 to 100 thousand years ago. This is the time when the Homo Sapiens were transformed into the "Homo Imaginative Sapiens" (modern humans). The "MIND" of mankind came into being when the tribes had created sufficent sophisticated words and language that allowed them to communicate verbally and improve upon each others ideas and technology.

The "MIND" of mankind is the imaginative intellect of all of modern (imaginative) humans building upon the ideas of one another across time and space. It is an extremely powerful single reality of humankind that has allowed modern humans to progress. Through the ages the "MIND" of mankind has become more and more powerful,(especially with the invention of verbal words, languages, stories, writing, computing, internet, etc.) Passing ideas among one another has become easier and has made the "MIND" ever more powerful, continously increasing mankind's ability to progress to ever greater accomplishments.

The "MIND's" presence now extends across the planet in both time and place. The "MIND" of mankind is an extension of Natureís awesome power to create. The "MIND" of mankind creates things that Nature otherwise - could not create. If modern humans are made in the image and likeness of God (the Creator) it is not their physical body it is theircreative "MINDs" - the "MIND" of Mankind.

The "Homo Imaginative Sapiens" now have the technology to explore billions of light years into deep space as well as to explore into the most tiny space imaginable - the nano world of the virus and atom. We have an imagination powerful enough to explore the magnificent wonders of nature and to imagine the possibility of the existence of our own "Creator". The superminds among us have a deep desire to create new technology, beautiful art works and an insatiable curiosity to constantly probe deeper and deeper into the secret worlds of nature. By discovering how the physical "Laws of Nature" work and then applying this knowledge to practical innovations - the "MIND" of mankind is continually progressing forward in every direction.

The "Mind" of mankind can now extend its presence beyond our atmosphere into; space, our moon and the other the planets' in our solar system. Video/radio signals traveling at the speed of light have been sent to announce the existence of humankind to other star systems. Human beings have actually physically landed on the moon, sent many satellites into Earth orbits which made the GPS possible and have established a manned space base. The "MIND" of mankind's robots have physically landed and are now exploring the planet Mars with its robotic vehicles, sending back the data it discovers to its home base here on Earth. The "MIND's rocket probes have taken thousands of photos of the planets, moons, comets and asteroids and sent them back to Earth for humans to study.

The "MIND" continues to extend its presence further out into the Sun's far off domain. The "MIND" may be setting a precedence for the way humans will eventually explore beyond our solar sytem to other star systems.

Sometime in the future mankind will launch a ion powered rocket or possibly a gravity powered vehicle from our planet that will travel to and probe another star sytem. It will transmit its discoveries back to the decendants of the people who launched the probe hundreds of years before. The "MIND" of mankind will have established its presence in another star system without ever having humans to leave our planet. It will be the "MIND" of mankind that does the exploring for humankind. Maybe the "Homo Imaginative Sapiens" species is just too fragile to undertake a multigeneration voyage such as this.

Donald L. Hamilton - author of: "The MIND of Mankind, Human Imagination, the source of Mankindís tremendous power!"

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