"The Homo Imaginative Sapiens"

Around 70,000 years ago the Homo Sapiens began undergoing a radical transformation.

Anthropologists have discovered evidence that around 70 thousand years ago a radically new form of life had made it appearance on our planet. A new, powerful life form had begun to leave an indelible mark on our archaeological history.

Advanced new flint stone tools and artifacts, dating to this time, have been found, later realistic pictures of animals painted were found on the walls of caves and probably a lot more places that did not survive the ages. This is hard evidence that a radical new form of life was beginning to make its presence known on Earth.

An entirely new mysterious phenomena was taking place - 'Creative Imagination' was being introduced to life on Earth, a quantum leap in the evolution of life. A new chapter was opening in the Homo Sapiens story that would eventually evolve into our present civilizations.

In terms of evolutionary time the "Homo Imaginative Sapiens" species is still very young. It is growing more massive each day, its people are multiplying at an alarming rate. This species is slowly taking over all available space; dominating and devouring all other forms of life on Earth. Its waste is polluting the planet's environment. The Homo Imaginative Sapiens' talents are universally diverse, striking out in every possible direction; exploring, experimenting, inventing, building, theorizing, contriving, scheming, philosophizing, composing, writing, measuring everything conceivable. It's compulsive creative energy seems to be unstoppable - it curiosity insatiable.

People now had the imaginative power to visualize abstract things within their mind, to form mental pictures of abstract concepts, and to communicate these ideas with other other minds (people). The ability to reach into an imaginary world and bring forth its fruits to reality. Invent new tools, create beautiful works of art, etc. Human Imagination had allowed the 'MIND' of mankind, to burst on to the world scene.

The "MIND" of mankind is the sum total of all the human minds that exist today and also the minds who contributed in the past, to the knowledge and progress of mankind. The "MIND" of mankind has the ability to communicate among its people across time and place. People now had the power to to build upon the ideas of other people. This is the secret of mankind's ability to progress. The "MIND" operates as a single worldwide life form that relentlessly probes into the mysteries that surround it in every direction, creating, learning, discovering the secrets of nature, slowly progressing forward into the vast unknown. It "sees" with five billion pairs of eyes. It has ten billion hands to work and get into mischief with. It is constantly probing into every possible aspect of the unknown with over five billion imaginative minds.

Itís long time goal is to have control over its own destiny! (It has already made much progress in this area.)

The "MIND" is another dimension of natureís tremendous power to create! Over the eons the "MIND's" tremendous creative power and insatiable curiosity has made possible a steady step by step progression of its total knowledge, probing in every direction, learning, questioning, exploring, inventing new technology, discovering the secrets of nature, creating the myths and stories that now control every aspect of peopleís lives.

In the last few hundred years the "MIND" has acquired tremendous new knowledge through scientific reasoning. It has discovered and described many laws of nature, created sophisticated new political, learning and scientific institutions, explored every continent on Earth, climbed the highest mountains, sent probes down to the deepest valleys in the oceans, sent signals out to deep space, searched the heavens with powerful telescopic eyes, peered into the tiniest bits of matter with powerful electron microscopes.

In the latter half of this century the "MIND" has begun exploring space, personally landing on the moon, sending probes into the solar system and beyond. The "MIND" has penetrated the atmosphere of Jupiter and landed a robot on Mars. It is now studying far off stars and galaxies using a powerful robotic telescopes that are orbiting the Earth. These are just some of the activities and accomplishments of the "MIND" of mankind as it probes in every direction into the vast unknown. Its curiosity is insatiable. Where it will go from here and how far it will go into controlling its own destiny is anybody's guess. Its been a very rough road so far and if the last century is any indication of the future heaven help us.

Donald L. Hamilton,
(author of - THE "MIND" OF MANKIND, Human Imagination, the source of Mankind's tremendous power!)

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Reviews & Comments

  •  I received your book in the mail and I am on page 96 this morning. I can't put it down!!! I have read litterly 100's of books in the past 15 years and I have to say that your book (so far) is answering every question that I ever had about life! Your book makes more sense to me than any other I have read.  Sincerely, Donna

  •  "The Mind of Mankind" explores the unique ability of the mind to form a mental image - to imagine.  Mr Hamilton discusses current theories as well as mysteries and introduces new ones from his fertile imagination for us to ponder, consider, accept or reject.
    Richard Fuller,   Senior Editor - Metaphysical Reviews

  •  "I'm a geophysicist. I work in geodynamics and climate. My field of work is earth rotation and gravity in relation with climate. I read some ideas of your book, and they are quite good. Regards - Rodrigo, France

  •   Ted Holmes says, "I just want to pass along my compliments on the depth of thought you have put into your work. I especially enjoyed the portion illustrating how a body does not move except in relation to other bodies, not in relation to space.  It is the first time I have heard about this concept."

  •   From a satisfied reader -" Hello Mr Hamilton, Just finished your book ... great job! Do you have any other similar books available?? I was looking for information on creation/evolution when I came across your book. This book should †be included in the educational systems of the world ... all ethnic groups could benefit greatly from this writing." - Matt