Novan Research & Development Company

The mission of Novan R&D is to push creative imagination
into the realm of future technology.

    A Step Into Future Technology - Novan Research & Development Co. has designed an overhead high speed maglev train system. Novan says it has the technology to do the job safely and economically. The concept of this system is an overhead lightweight magnetic levitated train capable of high speed in any type of weather, including icy conditions. It would be constructed with airframe technology to keep it strong but lightweight.

    The maglev system will use existing highway and rail right of ways to keep capital costs down. Being an elevated dedicated system it would not have to compete with the slower ground level transportation systems by speeding along above them. It would be impervious to most weather conditions.

    The train's center of gravity is below its track allowing it to remain stable on curves with no fear of derailing regardless of its speed or the weather. Its levitating magnets are located out of range of passengers so there is no danger of them receiving magnetic radiation.

    The supports system being considered for the maglev trains would be towers that can be widely spaced over land or water. The rail tube from which the train is suspended would be supported by the towers. Being a relatively light weight train the supports would require a much smaller load bearing capacity then a regular suspension bridge.

    The major aims of the system would be able to offer cities complete transportation systems with low capital costs that also offers high efficiency, convenience and safety. One that would be very competitive with other train systems now avialable. My ultimate goal is to offer complete turnkey meglev transportion systems that can connect cities with a high speed overhead rail corridor. This system is the next major step into the future!

    I feel if the necessary research and development did occur for this project and the maglev train became a commercial success this maglev system could develop into a "game changing" multibillion dollar world wide market with major profitable rewards for its developers and investors. Its market would be the cities all over the world that want to be connected by an economical high speed rail corridor that could accomplish these goals.

    Novan Research & Development creates radical new original concepts that have a strong worldwide market potential. Novan would like to partner these concepts with either new or an established company and investors who will be able to take advantage of their originality and develop them into a commercial success.

    Donald Hamilton,CEO
    Novan Research & Development Co.
    104 Ramona Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14220 USA

    Searching for Reality with Imagination!