Hamilton/Freeman Family Tree

Freeman Family
* Edward Freeman (b.1802 -1872) married Melvina Abbott (b.1840 - 1882)

(He was a decendant of Edmund Freeman who originally came to America on the "Abigail" in 1635.)

They had 2 children - Lillie Mae 1867 -1949, John 1870 - ?
(Both born on the Erie Canal)

Hamilton Family
* James Robert Hamilton sr. married Marianne Doherty, (an Irish lass) May 5,1840 in Killysbegs, Ireland
Born in Sotland -------- ---- Born in Ireland

(Their son) John Robert Hamilton jr.(born in Ireland 10/8/1847) had 6 brothers and 3 sisters

William, James, Alexander, are three of them, they were all born in Killybegs, Ireland

The family migrated to Vasey, Canada when John Robert jr. was still a child.

* John Robert Hamilton jr. b.10/8/1847 (Ireland) married Elizabeth Kendrick b.1/27/1848 (Wexford, Ireland)

(Their son) William Thomas Hamilton 1/28/1870- 1/17/1953 was the eldest of their 10 children.

(Elizabeth had migrated from Ireland to Canada with her parents, Jane & Roger Kendrick)

The Hamiltons & the Kendricks migrated around the time of the Irish Famine. On October 27, 1855 Roger Kendrick & his wife Jane bought 12 acres of land in the township of Whitby, county of Ontario, in the province of Canada (that is what it said in the deed, it was before Canada became a country.) for the sum of one hundred and forty seven pounds, thirteen shillings and four pence. In his will he bequeathed this land to his grandson William Thomas Hamilton who leased it to his father John Robert jr. In 1935 William T. gave all his earthly possessions to his son Lawrence Hawley Hamilton. I have photo copies of these papers given to me (Don Hamilton, grandson of Wm. Thomas) by cousin William T "Ken" Hamilton.

John Robert jr. was listed as a teamster in the 1881 Ontario census. He lived on the farm he leased from his son William Thomas and hauled gravel with his horse and wagon.

After Elizabeth K. died John Robert then married Elizabeth Beckett and had 5 more children.

* William Thomas Hamilton married Lillie Mae Freeman
Whitby, Ontario 1890

They had 12 Children

Lily May (Lillian?) b.1891 married Al Thurston

Edward L.,  Robert,  Ruth

William John 1892 married Ella McClure

William Thomas (Ken) Married Celestine Work 1936

Children - Joan, Carol, Mary Eileen, Thomas.

Lawrence 1894 married Gladyse Ramsdell

Gladyse, Edward, Irene, Richard (drowned around the age of 13).

Irene 1897 married Joseph Akre

Clarence, Jeannette, Emily, Elaine, Joseph, Robert
Gary, Roger, Beulah, Lawrence

(Aunt Irene was brought up & lived her whole life in Minnesota with the the Olsen's.)

After Joseph Akre died Irene married Gilbert Randell (they had no children)

Charles Henry (b. 4/19/1899) married (June22, 1927) Lucille Trometer (b. 5/24/1899)

Donald 3/25/1929, Marilyn 2/11/1932, Barbara 7/25/1936.

Francis Kendrick 1900 (Died at the age of 4 from pneumonia)

Elizabeth Ruth 1902 married Joseph Myers

Shirley, Jeannette, Patricia, Joseph, James, Ruth & Julie

Robert George 1904 married Ethel Britton

Elaine, Robert, Ethel, Karen & Carol (twins), John, Jane, James

Marcella 1908 married Joseph Abbott

Joseph, Richard, Alice, Walter

Albert Roy 1910 Died at age 3.

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