by - Donald L. Hamilton

The devil is not a fallen angel - it is simply the evil side of people's imagination. It is part of our human nature that we must constantly live with. The devil's evil potential lurks within every human mind. There is no devil in hell or any where else. All evil acts originate in the evil side of human imagination. Human imagination can work both ways - for good or evil. It is an inseparable part of human nature.

Human nature arises largely from the animal traits that we inherited from our ancestors of the evolutionary past, combined with the "special gift of Human Imagination" (creative and learning imagination). We received this extremely powerful "gift"around forty thousand years ago when the final vital cells evolved and millions of new potential pathways opened in the human brain. This transition allowed us to become imaginative human beings. Since that time strange things began to happen on our planet, beautiful artifacts, tools and paintings began to be created. Nothing like this ever occured before this time. It is solid evidence that strange new "imaginative" super beings were now living on Earth.

This is the time of the "transformation". Human Imagination had lifted people to a higher mental plane, above all of the other animals on earth. It gave people the tremendous power to imagine, to "see" with our mind. It allowed them, for the first time to "see" the wonders of the universe, to invent our civilizations and everything that goes with these marvelous creations. It gave man the power to do tremendous good but it also gave man the power to do tremendous evil. Human imagination alone has these powers!

When human imagination was coupled with the animal traits such as, territorial, affection, anger, hunger, domination, cunning, greed, sexual, etc., the potential for doing good or evil was multiplied thousands of times. When we decide to commit evil actions, it is our devil at work. The devil's evil potential lurks within every human mind. There is no other devil on this planet, it exists only in the nature of mankind. It has created our monsters. It is an inseparable part of human nature. The devil is not a fallen angel - it is simply the evil side of our nature.

Our monsters look like ordinary every day people, they do not look like the Hollywood monsters portrayed in the movies. It is only when people decide to commit evil actions that the devil takes over and these people become monsters. This is why it is best to try to keep our imagination and emotions under control, headed in a positive manner. We all have great potential for doing good or evil, it is up to us to decide which way to go.

Human emotion is an offshoot of human imagination since we are the only animal that can be influenced to do good or evil by listening to the abstract words of the storytellers. Over the ages these storytellers received their power to communicate their ideas, whether good or evil, to other people, by having the imaginative power to invent; words, languages and hence, storytelling. A TREMENDOUS POWER! Beware of evil storytellers whom ever they may be.

Hitler, an ordinary looking man, was probably the prime monster of the 20th century and a great evil storyteller. He had a whole country under his spell with his constant stories of hate. His evil stories turned a large portion of the German population into evil monsters, committing murder and all sorts of atrocities against innocent people. Mankind's devil was surely in command in Germany during Hitler's reign of terror.

Mankind's devil does not have the power to effect God in any way. People can never break any of God's laws, (gravity, inertia, chemical, etc.) or whatever they may be. We can only "sin" against; the environment, other animals and people. We can only break the laws created by man. If we can break a law or commandment, it is not a law of God! Our devil has no power to have any effect on God whatsoever. We are too insignificant in the scheme of things to even think we can. God made us exactly the way he wanted to, he does not make mistakes! It is not for the sake of God that we get along with each other, it is for our own sake that we live together in peace and mutual respect.

Donal L. Hamilton © 2000 - 2009

Author of - The "MIND" of Mankind: Human Imagination, the source of Mankind's tremendous power.

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